There was a Church Service on Saturday 29 April 2017
The Service was held in St. Peters Church Watford at 11am as usual
The Opening Prayer was given by Tony Shevlane
Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson:
Hymn 1 – Name of all Majesty
Hymn 2 – Crown Him with Many Crowns
Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*We are very sorry to announce that Ann Nadim died at 2.15a.m. this morning. She had suffered a bleed on her brain last weekend. Her family were with her all week. Please pray for them and her many friends.
*Andrew Silcox, brother of David, is in hospital in France with severe blood poisoning. He is to have an operation on his infected foot. Please pray for him and his family.
*Prayers are requested for Pauline Bell from Manchester. She had a brain bleed and was discharged from hospital but had to return. She is now at home recovering.
*We prayed recently for Ingrid Mandel in Canada who needed an urgent hip operation. She has now had her operation and thanks everyone for their prayers.
*We will have a guest speaker here next Saturday. Dave Perry is a retired pastor of the Nazarene Church in Watford and now attends St.Peters.
*Our Couldsden Conference will be on August 13th.
*The meetings to plan Operation Rudolph begin in May. Chris Cottee needs people to help him with this. Please contact him if you wish to apply, or contact George for details.
*Our church Home Office is moving to Charlotte in North Carolina. U.S.A. Mr.Tkach is very thankful to God for everything going through so quickly.
*Several members of the Watford congregation reach 3 score years and 10 this year. To celebrate this, there will be a special social here on May 27th.
Hymn 3 – I the Lord of Sea and Sky
Intercessory Prayer was led by George Henderson and included:
*It has been a heavy week for us but you are the God of eternity. Jesus rose  from the dead and we have the knowledge of eternal life. We will not hear Ann’s wonderful laugh for some time. We know we all must go through this one day. Please give comfort to all her family and friends who loved her. Please bless them and let them come to know you.
*We ask you to heal Pauline and help her and her husband. Please restore her to full health with no long lasting problems.
*Please continue to help Eileen, Peter Buckley, Ingrid and Beryl Young. We ask you also to help and support their families and give strength and encouragement to Robin.
*David and Nancy Silcox had their flight back from America delayed. Please bring them safely home and also continue to help Nancy’s sister Abby. Please bring her to know you.
*We ask your blessing on Reg and Pat and their team outside at the table. Please bless also our Scottish Retreat this weekend and our Young People’s church.
*Please help everyone involved with outreach. The Street Angels and Messy Church. We need to continue praying for 5 people we know to come to know you.
*We thank you that we can come before you and offer up these prayers.
Hymn 4 – Great is the Lord
Hymn 5 – Majesty
Hymn 6 – Teach me to Dance
We then listened to a recorded message from Bob Millman on The Ministry of Jesus.
Jesus worked with his disciples over a long period of time, just as he does with us. Jesus was one and a half years into his ministry when he called two sets of brothers to follow him. Matthew 4:18-22. Where did his ministry begin? It began with John the Baptist being the witness of the light to come into the world. John 1:6-8. John baptised Jesus. Matthew 3:13-17. Jesus then went to the wilderness and was tempted by Satan. 4:1-11. Jesus called all 12 disciples and taught them as they travelled around together. After Jesus was resurrected he appeared to the disciples three times. John 21:14-17. He was calling for a final committment from them. Jesus was patient with them and showed he was the Master Fisherman. He is also patient with us as the Holy Spirit works with us. We do pray, but we can also backslide. We worry about our loved ones who may turn aside from God. How does God’s grace work even to those who have never heard of God? He has a plan that will bring all humanity to himself. He is already working with people all through their lives.
The Final Hymn was And Can it Be after which the Closing Prayer was given by Geoff Sole.
*George had a phone message from Ben Silcox to say that his dad has had
an operation on his foot and they will now bring him out of the induced
coma. Thank you to everyone for your prayers.
Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall

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