There was a Church Service on Saturday8 April 2017
The Service took place in St. Peters Church at 11 am as usual.
The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore
Hymns were led Sue Ann  Henderson
Hymn 1 – Lord For The Years
Hymn 2 – When I Survey the Wondrous  Cross
Announcements were given by George Henderson
*The funeral took place yesterday of Caroline’s sister Margaret Connolly. Many people attended including 100 from Ireland. Please continue to pray for all the family.
*Please continue to pray for Blossom who remains quite poorly.
*The Lord’s Supper service takes place tomorrow night at Garston Community Church Watford. Please arrive by 7.30pm for a 7.45 start. Remember to bring a towel for the foot washing.
*Tuesday 11th April will be our first Spring Festival service. It will be held at St.John’s Church Radlett at 11am. An offering will be taken up.
*On Thursday evening we will hold our our Maunday service. That will also
be at Garston Community Church at 7.30pm with foot washing and Communion.
*Irene thanks everyone who helped with the annual cleaning of the Chapel
in Watford.
*Sinead and Gavin Henderson are very pleased to announce the birth of
their daughter, Brogan Agnes. She was born on April 3rd and weighed
8lbs 7ozs.
*Adventure Camp will take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend,
again near Kettering. Please contact Geoff Sole for details.
*Please pray for Bret Miller in the U.S.A. He is to have treatment for
*Tim Maguire in South Africa, had an accident in Mozambique and broke his leg. Following treatment, he was flown back to South Africa.
*St Peter’s Church invites us to their Quiz night on May 20th. This is to
raise money for a new kitchen. Tickets are £10 which includes a meal but
not drinks. Please contact Chris Cottee for details.
*Our own church here, is planning something special for May 27th. The
service will start later and then will continue from 4-9pm.
Hymn 3 – King of Kings, Majesty
Intercessory Prayer led by Irene Wilson
*Nature renews itself in Spring, and soon we will be renewed forever.
*Our loving God, we are grateful for the beauty of your creation. This glorifies you and brings freshness and hope for the future. Everyone feels better and we thank you for the sacrifice of your Son.
*We ask you to comfort and give hope for that future to the McGarvey and
Connolly families as they grieve for Margaret.
*We ask you to give your healing power to Bret and Tim.
*We bring before you Blossom, Peter Buckley, Eileen and Graham Mitchell.
They all have their problems and we ask you to heal them and help their
*Thankyou for the new life of Brogan and bless her parents.
*Christians across the world just want to worship you at special services this coming week. Many will find this very difficult. Please help and protect them all.
*Please bless all those involved with the planning for Adventure Camp.
*Please give comfort and help to all those who have suffered in the attacks in Stockholm and London. Please help the Romanian lady now recovering, to rebuild her life. They all need to know the good news of your Kingdom.
*We all need to reflect this good news to all we meet. Please guide and guard us this coming week. Thankyou for your love.
Hymn 4 – Above all Powers
Hymn 5 – Blessed be your Name
The Sermon was given by Barry Robinson. We all forget things, especially as we age. Why do Christians keep this time of year? God does not want us to forget him, or what Jesus did for us. We all sometimes have cravings, such as chocolate. Is there a reason
for this? How does our faith relate to cravings? Do we get caught up in our emotions or become hard and emotionless? Do we become cold and unmoved by the gospel? This knowledge should make us excited. We should enjoy God as we are his people. We read in John 6:25 about the disciples emotions. They had all eaten bread with Jesus but then they couldn’t find him. When he did appear, Jesus used bread to teach them about himself and our need for better food. Verses 26-29. We all have a need
for food, air and companionship and that is already satisfied by our creator. Genesis 2:16. Then sin entered the world and made us doubt. 3:6. The emotions of Adam and Eve made them desire the fruit. In John 6:30, the disciples asked Jesus for a sign as God had given manna in the wilderness. The bread from heaven. Verse 31. Jesus tells them that HE is the true bread who came down from heaven. Verses 32-33. Jesus then states that he is the bread of life. I AM. Verse 35. He was identifying himself with the God of the Old Testament. We have a hunger in our hearts. God gives us good gifts such as family, friends, forgiveness and eternal life. Our satisfaction should be in the giver not the gifts. We must not fall into the trap of seeking only materialism. This is rubbish compared to Christ. He is our satisfaction. Philippians 3:7-8. In John 6:28-29, the disciples asked what works have they to do. Jesus answered to believe. We must come to Christ alone to find satisfaction. Verses 35-40. We must fix our eyes on Jesus to help us prevent bad desires. Our desire is for eternity and the joy that awaits us. Psalm 34:8.
The Final Hymn was Guide me O thou Great Jehovah. after which the Closing Prayer was given by Joy Barlow.
The Service was followed by Fellowship and Refreshments in the Church Hall.

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