There was a Church Service on 13 May 2017

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Geoff Sole

Hymns were led by Geofge Henderson who began by reading 1 John 4 about love:
Hymn 1. The King Of Love
Hymn 2. Love Divine All Love’s Excelling

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Dorothy Beardsmore thanks all who donated to the Women’s Refuge bags—they were much appreciated
*Chri Cottee says that Christians Across Watford have decided not to have Operation Rudolph in 2017. They are looking at 2018
*There is a brochure ‘Ascension to Pentecost’ on the noticeboard. Churches across Watford are opening their doors with prayer stations during this time.
*Alan Donaldson of the Leeds Congregation has died at 96
*Dr. Tkach’s update is on the notice board
*Our UK Denominational Conference will be Sunday 5 November this year 10:30am -4:30pm at Allum Hall in Borehamwood. Dr. Tkach and Dr. Alan Torrance will be guest speakers. It is a one day conference only and so there will be a church Service here in Watford on the Saturday 4th November.
*Anyone interested in joining St. Peter’s Quiz night next Saturday evening see George—there are still tickets available and funds go towards the new kitchen, which will be a great benefit for all the churches.
*Don’t forget our Watford Social on the 27th and that the Service on that Saturday will begin at 2:30pm and is followed by afternoon tea, activities and supper.
*Ann Nadim’s funeral will be on Tuesday 23 May
*Street Angels are out tonight, and would appreciate your prayers

Hymn 3. How Deep the Father’s Love

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Winston Bothwell who began by mentioning that he will not be here next week as his granddaughter is getting married. He would appreciate prayers that the weekend will go well with several activities planned and people travelling from afar:
*We bow humbly and gratefully before your presence and thank you for our calling to serve you *Thank you that we can meet in peace and safety. We pray for Christians around the world persecuted for worshipping you.
*Thank you for the rain this week, which was very needed
*In a time of political turmoil, we pray for our national leaders—give them wisdom in their leadership to serve unselfishly and do what is right. We pray that the gospel will be unhindered. Please continue to bless our Christian Queen.
*Be with those who teach and work with children and youth that they will guide our children in right. This is a serious responsibility.
*Thank you for being with Andrew silcox and we ask that you continue to heal him and be with his family as he recovers.
*We think of Mrs. Grayson of the Luton congregartion; be with Eileen Howard, Blossom Daly and George Campbell.
*Please comfort those bereaved families—the donaldsons, Nadim, and the family in Ireland, friends of Winston
*Your door is always open and we can come to bring all our joys and our worries.

Hymn 4. Lord I Come To You
Hymn 5. Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean

The Sermon was given by Barry Robinson on the topic of God’s outrageous love. The book of Hosea demonstrates this through the story of Hosea instructed to marry a fallen woman and love her unconditionally, buying her back. As a type of the love of God for us sinners, sending his Son, the bridegroom to die for us his church and bride. We learn that our relationship is like a bad marriage which God heals even though it costs the life of his beloved son. Isaiah 54 and 62 show that when we love anything more than God it hurts our relationship with him. If you are suffering, it can serve like Hosea’s experience to help us understand and teach others about the outrageous love of God. We need to have Jesus in our life as our spouse not just our boss—doing good through love not just obedience. Renewing our vows each year through taking the Lord’s supper.

The final Hymn was The King Of Love after which the Closing Prayer was led by Peter Beardsmore

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

In Young People’s Church Geoff & Jean Sole led the young people to considered the apostle Paul’s journey as a prisoner from Jerusalem to Rome in the final chapters of the book of Acts. They read the story of the shipwreck on Malta and then Paul getting bitten by a snake. They watched three YouTube accounts of parts of the journey and then marked the places along the route on a table-sized piece of paper. They also did part of a word search and a crossword about the journey. They were able to see the distance between Jerusalem and Rome on an inflatable earth!

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