There was a Church Service on 27 May 2017 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s at the later time of 2:30pm with a Social following. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Roger Fowler


Announcements were given by George Henderson after he welcomed everyone including a number of guests, and included:
*Many attended Ann Nadim’s funeral on 23rd May. It was a bitter sweet occasion saying goodbye to Ann who will be sadly missed, and a joy to see people we hadn’t seen for years.
*The Northampton event on 19th August is open to everyone. The guest speaker will be Rod Matthews, Mission Developer for Australia and the Far East.
*The Southern Regional Conference will be 13th August. The Coulsdon Church and Brian Smith have a new email address:
*David Bedford reports from our congregation in Manchester to give thanks that none of our members were involved in or affected by the bombing at the Arena in Manchester this week.
*Dr. Joseph Tkach’s weekly update is on the Bulletin Board—please do read it with an interesting message on who will be saved…
*The Archbishop of Canterbury has called on all Christians to take part in Prayer Evangelism between Ascension (which was Thursday 25th May) to Pentecost. St. Peters Church where we meet has set up Prayer Stations around the Church and welcomes anyone who would like to use them to drop in any time this week.
*The Thought For The Week is by guest writer, Tony Goudie and can be viewed on the Notice Board

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox with a theme of ‘Celebrating Seventy’, the theme of our social following the Service,but first we viewed a video clip Dr. Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life entitled ‘Christians Should Never Retire!
Hymn 1. All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name
Hymn 2. The church’s One Foundation
Hymn 3. One Faith, One Love

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Sue Ann Henderson, who first thanked the congregation for their prayers and the card after she fractured a bone in her foot, and included:
*We thank your wonderful name for all you do for us, Father in Heaven, all that we have and do is from you and we are here to praise you today. Thank you for the comforter, the Holy Spirit, encouraging and guiding us.
*We are inadequate and we ask you to forgive us for the times when we do not live up to the name, Christian. Help us to reach out to this world, to et the right example and to have a heart of love for those people who need to know you.
*We are stunned by the evil we see recently—the attack on Christians in Egypt and we ask you to be with persecuted Christians everywhere—fill them with faith, strengthen them and give them courage to stand up for you.
*We are appalled at the massacre in Manchester. Please help the perpetrators, who have hearts filled with hatred—touch their hearts and open their minds to come to know you. Be with the victims and their families. During this bank holiday we pray your protection on events. Give our leaders wisdom and guidance to deal with these evil-doers.
*So many need our prayers—the ill and the grieving. Be with Duncan as he makes important decisions that are key to his health and well-being. Be with Eileen, Blossom and Graham and send your healing power to touch their lives. You are the God who raised the dead, the God of miracles, give us a miracle of healing.
*Be with the grieving.  Be with the family and friends of Ann Nadim. It is the anniversary of Bill Wilson’s death. Please comfort his family at this difficult time. The loss of loved ones is felt for years especially at significant dates. Ron, Rosemary, Caroline and many more have also lost loved ones recently. Remember and comfort them.
*Bless our prayers, bless our prayer chain and house groups who pray, and please bless our prayer table outside.
*Bless also the social this evening as we celebrate long lives with more than six in this congregation hitting their threescore and ten this year—celebrating seventy!

Hymn 4. And By This Shall All Men Know
Hymn 5. How Good And How Pleasant

The Sermon was given by David Silcox. The Baptismal Service contains the well-known and significant words, ‘Do you accept Jesus Christ as your High Priest, Saviour and soon-coming King?’ Baptism is one of the most important things that will happen in a Christian’s life. We looked at our High Priest and what it meant to us individually; our Saviour and the implications for how we live our lives; and soon-coming King with how this modifies what we do, say and are. We are fellow-citizens with the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ being the corner stone (Ephesians 2:19-20). John 1:1-5 & 14 shows how the life of Jesus illuminates our minds and show the way. The Baptismal Service is not just an event in the past, but an on-going, life-changing occurance that has on-going implications and consequences which affect us and all we come into contact with.

The final Hymn was We Are God’s People after which the Closing Prayer was led by Mike Barlow

Social Evening: Following the Service people were requested to go straight into the Church Hall where they enjoyed Afternoon Tea and a social which included wall quizzes, Peter Templeman’s games, a Beetle Drive, some entertainment (with Roger Fowler leading the way in song, the Young People’s Church group sang The Happy Song written by Astrid, Ricky Fowler and Alexander MacEwan danced, and Sue Ann sang two songs), Supper with a cake Celebrating Seventy being cut by David Silcox surrounded by others who also turn seventy this year! Following supper there was a sing-along to conclude the evening. A wonderful evening with a number of guests from other congregations joining the Watford congregation.

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