There was a Church Service on 6 May 2017 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom

Hymns were led by David Silcox who showed a photo of his family in Disney World Orlando before beginning:
Hymn 1. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Hymn 2. Wonderful Grace 

A Video Clip of Dr. Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life was shown entitled Buzz Aldrin On The Moon 

Announcements were given by George Henderson after David gave an update on his brother Andrew’s condition—Andrew is still in Intensive Care but is off the ventilator and dialysis and the operation on his foot was successful and did not need amputation, so praise to God for hearing our prayers and please continue to pray for a complete recovery. George then announced:
*Duncan McLean is in hospital after experience pain in his stomach. A tumour has been removed and prayers are requested
*Ann Nadim died last week on 29 April and her funeral is on 23 May, Tuesday, at 4pm in the West Herts Crematorium with refreshments at the Noke Hotel in an evening celebration of her life. Cards can be sent to 139 Marshalswick Lane, St. Albans AL1 4UX
*George read the official announcement about Andrew sent by Dana to be included in the weekly Announcements bulletin from the office
*Dr. Tkach’s update is on the Bulletin Board
*James Hendersons Thought for The Week is on the Bulletin Board
*After reading a humourous story about the advantages of aging, George read an announcement about or Social on 27th May. Please remember that the service will begin at 2:30pm on that day.
*On 20th May, st. Peter’s is having a Quiz Night to raise funds for the Church Hall Kitchen renovations and we are invited to come along or bring a team of six. The cost is £10 per person
*There are three cards to sign—for Ann’s family, for Duncan McLean and for Janie Gadston who is not well at the moment.

Hymn 3. I Stand Amazed In The Presence

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Phillip Halford and included:
*What a wonderful blessing to know you and understand that you love us. We pause to pray for those who don’t know you, that they will come to know you and have that wonderful peace in this world full of suffering
*We pray for those suffering, from those affected by ‘natural’ disasters to illness and loss of loved ones.
*There are many dear friends we would like to mention—the family of Ann who are grieving her loss, Andrew and his family and we ask that you raise him up, Duncan McLean in hospital where we pray for healing, and many others that you know and love.

Hymn 4. Ancient Words
Hymn 5. Because He Lived

The Message was given by David Perry who was here with his wife. They attend St. Peters, however he used to be the Pastor of the nearby Church of the Nazarene. David spoke about ‘The Journey.’ He began by telling of his own spiritual journey and commented on the last hymn—it is because He lives that we can face tomorrow. He said his hear and prayers go to each of you and he began with a prayer. We know that God will never leave or forsake us so may we be encouraged by His presence and word and the knowledge that He is there with each of us on our journey through life.
David began his career as a Police Cadet at 16 years old. His calling was a joint calling with his wife and they moved into ministry with the Church of the Nazarene in the North of England spending 6 1/2 years in Sheffield before coming to Watford in 1991. Life is a pilgrimage of learning said John Stott. God is always there with us and for us. At the transfiguration of Jesus God said ‘This is my beloved Son…listen to Him.’ We listen to Him through our ‘mountain top’ experiences—moments for great celebration and joy. The God who ‘does’ miracles is revealed to us as the God who ‘is’, that you meet in the sunset, in the mountains, in suffering, and these are the windows through which we step into a new world, a new perception, a new beginning, a new life. These experiences change us—we are transfigured people of God. They open our eyes, ears and heart to the ways of God as we continue our Christian journey of Life.

The final Hymn was For All The Saints after which the Closing Prayer was led by Sue Ann Henderson

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

In Children’s Church Linda Halford was also focussing on the Christian journey with the young people as they prepared a presentation for the Social, themed around maturity and those who turn 70 this year, coming up on 27th May.


The Bricket Wood Bible Study continues in the Gospel of John meeting biweekly at the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre at 7:30pm in the upstairs room. This Friday night study on 5th May was led by David Silcox and was followed by refreshments and fellowship. There were 16 in attendance and you are welcome to join us any time. The next Bible Study will be on 19 May.

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