There was a Church Service on 10 June 2017.

The Service took place in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Chris Esom.

Worship was led by Sue Ann Henderson, who began by reading Colossians 1:1.
Hymn no. 1 – Blessed Assurance

Announcements were given by George Henderson
*It is great to see Mrs Howard back with us.
*Andrew is improving slowly.
*SEP is nearly here and we pray for each activity and for the camp.
*George read Dr Tkachs update. Also James’ weekly thought was read on Stability needed.

Continuing with hymns, Sue Ann read Philippians 4:4 before the next hymn:
Hymn No. 2 – God of Grace And God Of Glory

Winston Bothwell gave Intercessory Prayer this week which included:
*Thanks for our calling and our connection with our Lord and his great power, that we can meet in peace when so many can’t and for the lovely weather
*We pray for political stability, our queen also, and the leadership of our Church here and worldwide.
*Be with those effected by the terrible attacks and bless the efforts of the emergency services, for which we are thankful.
*We pray for Andrew and his family and a swift recovery for him, Duncan, Blossom, Rosemary, Graham Mitchel and others. Bruce from the US was also prayed for, Our church and John Stettaford and Len.
*We give thanks for our church council and our speakers that speak regularly.
*We pray for blessings on the young, SEP and Adventure camp. Also for our services and fellowship.

Hymn No. 3 – Standing on the Promises

The Sermon was given by Mike Barlow on the subject of Forgiveness. Comments started with our society and hate and this is published nationally and internationally. We need peace and unity and also in our church. Matthew 6:12-15 is an Instruction to us.  Matthew 18 and 6:25 tell us to have Patience and speak from the heart. A gift is to forgive as Christ forgives us, Mat 5.17; Pro 11.17 Psalm 103:8-12 tells of Gods great power.  We need to have compassion for all and have the mind of God, whose love is great. We need to forgive all and Jesus set the example–our relationships are vital. Read 1st Cor 5-1 & 2nd Cor 2:1-9 WE MUST FORVICE, being the main point here.
Mike also read Eph 2:2 which says to have kindness. then we can look forward to the future in Gods name. We also looked at Eph 4:30-32 and Psalm 32:1 which says to bless others.  We must remove the guilt, encourage others and all be encouraged by God as he forgives us. Forgiveness is priceless! Salvation is great.


The Final Hymn was The Church is one foundation, after which the Closing Prayer was given by Phillip Halford.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments–cake and bread for all in the Church hall.









The bi-weekly Bible Study in Bricket Wood had its final meeting before the summer break on Friday night, 9th June at 7:30pm.  We are continuing to study the Gospel of John and will resume in the autumn.  Anyone is welcome to join the Bible Study Group which is followed each time by refreshments.  Keep an eye out on the ‘Coming Up’ page or read the announcements to see then the Bible Study begins again.









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