There was a Church Service on 17 June 2017

The Service too place as usual in St. Peter’s Church at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Winston Bothwell.

Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn No. 1 – To God Be The Glory
Hymn no. 2 – Thine Be The Glory

Announcements were also given by George who began by reading Psalm 100.
*George explained Dr Tkachs’ weekly update on the father’s love for us.
*Then he read Richard Fowlers Thought For The Week on Forgiveness and Peace in our hearts.

Hymn No. 3 – All I Once Held Dear

Intercessory Prayer was led by Phillip Halford who began by reading Revelation 21:4, and included:
*The terrible and sad events of this week with the fire in the tower block in London. He prayed for the London community in the coming weeks, months and years and to watch over them. One day the new world will come.
*We pray for Camilla who is ill in Brazil and pray for her family.
*We also remember Graham, Duncan, Andrew, George, Peter and those who are suffering.
*We also pray for those out of work, with financial issues, and we look to Christ as our hope.

Hymn No. 4 – Rejoice the Lord is King
Hymn No. 5 – One Faith One Love

The Main Message was given by Irene Wilson. She started with a few jokes which got people smiling.
The message was about Jesus’ love for us and the story of Peter, a fisherman, and the disciples. We read Luke 5:11, Mark 5:7 Luke 5:9. The main point was that Jesus said ‘Follow Me’.
Peter was very bold. We also read Matt 16:30 Matt 16-21-23, Matt 26:33,34 Mark 14:66 and John 21:1-5 Jesus called the disciples and they were fisherman. John 15:15, John 21:15. Jesus wanted us to take care of others, John 21:15. Jesus did not give up on his followers and does not give up on us. We are Gods masterpieces and he loves us.

The Final Hymn was What a Friend we Have in Jesus after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sue Ann Henderson.

Fellowship continued over  Refreshments in the Church Hall.



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