Once again, with our regular reporters being away, here is a brief summary of the Church Service on Saturday 19 August 2017:

Opening prayer … Pat Newton
Worship Leader … George Henderson
Song 1 … What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Song 2 … Trust and Obey
Announcements … George Henderson including:
*Andrew Silcox is at home and is progressing well.  Dana is helping.
*Marlene Cliff from Nottingham fell at a restaurant and injured her back and is in pain. She needs your prayers.
*Mr Tjach update … Leadership & HQ moves
*James Henderson’s Thought For The Week … Big Ben silenced
Song 3 … What A Faithful God
Intercessory Pray … Geoff Sole including:
*We thank God that he has revealed the bible and Jesus.
*Thank you for the Holy Spirit, our  study and your creation.
*Thank you for Mr Tjachs’ knowledge and leadership
*Prayers for Adventure Camp
*Prayers for Eileen Howard, Rowland Gadsden, continued progress of Andrew Silcox, John Stettaford’s treatment, Duncan McLean, George Campbell who is in hospital, Marlene Cliff
*God’s help for those affected by the mud slide in Nigeria and the atrocities in Barcelona …
Song 4 … Father, I Place Into Your Hands
Song 5 … Faithful One
Sermon … Gordon Brown … Faith in Christ
Song 6 … Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Closing prayer

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