There was a Church Service on Saturday 26 August 2017

The Service was held in St. Peter’s Church, Watford, at 11am as usual.

Services started with the Opening Prayer given by Pat Newton.

Worship started with hymns Crown Him With Many Crowns and then we had Power of Your love – All sung beautifully.

Announcements were:
*Success of SEP and special thanks to all Jackie Mill added, Over 42 in mini camp, 122 staff and campers, also two baptism’s.
*We also remember Debbie and Stewart who had a horrible car crash.
*Duncan also and his wife Shirley, as well as Camilla and Danielle who are the family of Irene Tibbenham from Norwich.
*Dr Tkachs’ update was on the subject of Water into Wine.
*We pray also for the family grieving the death of a US member, Jim.
*Peter & Dorothy are visiting a family member who is not very well.
*Rowland Gadsden also to remember in prayer.

We then sung You Laid Aside Your Majesty

Intercessory Prayer was led by Sue Ann Henderson and included:
*Mention of all of us that need help and that she had been reading Jeremiah.
*For us to search our hearts and needs to service and minds.
*Leaders of our nations and all nations, for peace.
*SEP success, Adventure camp to be fruitful also and all those involved.
*Physical blessing we all have, a church and a church we can worship at freely.
*We pray for the weather situation in the US following this storm.
*Our vision, invention, Blossom is with us–a blessing. and for continued healing.
*Erica our local friend, we continue to remember her also. Jim Ryder family.
*All people and our continued safety and protection.

We then sang Father God I wonder

Main Message by David Silcox, who mentioned SEP, a recent wedding of Luka Radovic in Montenegro, and travelling.
David read out two pieces of material one was Martin Luther King, I have a Dream, and asked do we have a speech? We read Acts 2.1 and he continued to read from Acts with the main point in Acts 2:1-39. He covered points in each verse. It was a very encouraging message of hope, and to be part of the church and all that it does.

We closed by singing Our Father In Heaven and Ian Woodley closed in Prayer.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the Church Hall.




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