There was a Church Service on 23 September 2017

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am and was our annual Harvest Service to collect food and items needed by New Hope Trust—a Charity that cares for the needy and homeless in Watford.

The Opening Prayer was given by Robin Howard

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Cliff Neill was to speak here today but he is not well with an inner ear infection
*Shirley McLean reports that Duncan has had a blood transfusion and is now home and on antibiotics with oedeme and dehydration. He intends to discontinue chemo therapy and put himself entirely in God’s care
*Roland Gadston says Janie was rushed into hospital with a recurrance of her unknown condition/infection. They have ruled out epilepsy or a brain rumour. Roland is continuing to progress with recovery after his shoulder injury.
*Remember the Prayer Stations at Woodside Community 6-8pm Tuesday. This is a churcher Together initiative that you are welcome to benefit from.
*Prayers are requested for David Weber in Wyoming.
*Chris Cottee has written a book called ‘Christmas Calling’ and is selling it to raise money for Charity.

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox who stood in for David Silcox, who stood in for Cliff Neill to give the Sermon!
Hymn 1 – For The Beauty Of The Earth
Hymn 2 – Jesus Is The Name We Honour

A Video of Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life was played entitled The Fruit Of The Vine

Hymn 3 – We Plough The Fields And Scatter

Irene Wilson introduced the Harvest Collection for New Hope Trust and the young people came up the aisle collecting the items during the next hymn:

Hymn 4 – All Things Bright And Beautiful

Sue Ann Henderson asked God’s Blessing on the Harvest Collection that it will be a blessing for the homeless in Watford. She then continued on with Intercessory Prayer, including:
*Thank you for all the blessings we enjoy
*We give glory to you and thank you that Eileen and Dorothy are sitting here with us today and are doing better.
*We ask your forgiveness continually
*So many need your intervention during disasters and wars. Those who lack safety, those who have lost homes and loved ones in storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. Be with them and give them peace as well as their basic needs like food. We do take our bounty for granted sometimes.
*In our congregation and fellowship are many who need your intervention, including Cliff Neill-please heal his infection; Duncan McLean’s health-please heal him and Janie and Roland Gadsden—help the doctors to discover the problem and treat Janie’s condition. Be with John Stettaford.
*Heal Erica and her mother, both in need of your help, as is D. Weber in the US—astound the doctors with healing
*Be with people in famine, in persecution, in illness—be with and provide and strengthen them to stand up and proclaim that you are the God who loves—Thank You!

Hymn 5 – God Who Made The Earth And Heaven

The Sermon was given by David Silcox on Amazing and Abundant Grace. God’s blessings are more than physical and grace is the best. John 1:14-17 says grace and truth came through Jesus Christ—abundant, limitless grace. 2 Corinthians 9:3-8, 11, 14-15 contain text that God is able to make all grace abound toward you, sufficiency in all abound to every good work, enriched to all bountifulness, exceeding grace of God in you, his unspeakable gift. Verse 8 says God is ABLE—he is able to deliver, nothing can prevent—he is able. John 8:1-12 is the story of the woman caught in adultery and illustrates the shift from law to grace. In verse 11 Jesus is the only one without sin who could have cast the first stone but extends grace, and in fact, later takes the penalty of death on himself! He does not say she is innocent, or that therre was no penalty to pay or that the law was no longer valid rather, said go and sin no more. She was free. Verse 15 says men judge according to the flesh but God does not, he is just but forgives. This is amazing, abundant grace.

The Final Hymn was King Of Kings, Majesty after which the Closing Prayer was given by James Esom.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

Young People’s Church took place during the Sermon time.

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