There was a Church Service held on Saturday 16 September 2017

The Service was held as usual at 11am in St. Peter’s Church, Watford

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Sue Ann Henderson started with a bible reading and then we all sang together
Hymn 1 – O Worship the King
2 – Rejoice the Lord is King


David Silcox gave the Announcements.
He started with comments about being in Ireland for the Galway festival, Regional Conference and Church Board Meeting, and attending a funeral for a dear friend from the Irish churches.
*Thursday festival time is 2pm at the Radlett hall, St. John’s.
*We will have our annual Harvest Service next week and to contribute if we/you can, and that the food is going to the Watford New Hope Trust.
*We have Cliff Niell next week all being well
*Chris Cottee will be here after the Service with his new book for those who wish to  purchase.
*Duncan McLean is not very well at the moment and is in hospital, we should continue to pray for him and Shirley in the next decisions he faces about his treatent.
*We are in need of a cook for SEP 2018, we cannot progress forward until a suitable person is found.
*Richard Frankel had a stroke and we remember him at this time and his family.
*David read James Henderrson’s thought for the week on Rainbows.

We then had a Hymn Jesus Christ

Irene then prayed in this week in Intercessory Prayer, which included:
*Casting our burdens to God.
*Thanks for this season, the harvest season, and blessings.
*For the sick and needy, comfort, and grace.
*Mike White, Duncan we also mentioned along with Susy who is ill, and needs healing.
*Dorothy who is missing Luton ladies day and is ill at the moment.
*Also Camilla in Brazil who is going through a terrible situation, Richard Frankel also.
*Liz Newton is not at all well, we pray for her also.
*For a successful Luton ladies day
*Also the needs of SEP 2018.
*And giving thanks to our wonderful saviour.

We then sang Rejoice

The Message today was from Barry Robinson on John 1:1 onwards. Barry started with How do we know who God is? We read from John 1.1 and on to Genesis 1.1, Psalm 33.6 and that God speaks to us – Psalm 107.20 and loving Gods word. Also John 8.12 and John 3.19 Jesus did many things, and the light of the world. Barry also read John 3.16 being a very important message. Continued on to John 1:12- Barry also mentioned Exo 32,33,34 and we did read 33.3 and verse 7. The tent of meeting, and Moses. Also Exo 33.21 and 34.5 God is merciful, and loves us very much. We are to have faith, he offers us Truth, Promises, and Faith. and Grace.

To close we sang And Can It Be and Phil Halford closed the service in Prayer.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

Young Peoples Church was conducted by David Silcox with support of Jo Esom.

In all a great day!


The 15th annual Luton Ladies Day took place on Saturday 16 September 2017. Twenty-four ladies coming from as far away as London, met to share their day with worship, speakers, fellowship and food. Registration and coffee at 10:30 got us going.

Daria Fowler, the organiser welcomed everyone, read out some announcements and opened with Prayer, before Portia Brathwaite led us in a couple of hymns.

Our first speaker was Mrs. Shirley Jones with a talk entitled ‘All That I Owe Her’ about the influence of their wives upon the Kings. Looking back into the Bible we saw Esther, whom God used to save her people, Bathsheba and Jezebel, who was a byword for evil female wickedness! The Monarchy in the UK serves several valuable purposes such as positive image, tourism, stability and continuity. She looked at Alexandra, Mary and Elizabeth the Queen Mother—wives of Edward VII, George V and George VI. Their unswerving devotion to duty, like Esther, sets us an example of faithful, loving support and encouragement of their husbands the Kings, and is an inspiration to many.

After another hymn and a prayer over the meal, we enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch together before reconvening to hear Dr. Raj Khiani, a Consultant Cardiologist. Dr. Khiani talked to us about women’s heart health using his phone to project a 3D image on the screen illustrating how the heart works. He answered many questions including risk factors to heart health, the use of statins, the role of cholesterol and whether drinking beet juice can lower blood pressure (and yes is the answer but you have to drink litres of it!). He addressed panic attacks, the role of personality and emotion on heart health, and what role genetics play. He encouraged everyone to walk two miles every day, saying it has a huge impact on your health.

We had two more hymns before Daisy Dublin read ‘Letting go’, and Matilda Radovic read ‘A Mother’s Prayer’. Our last speaker of the day was Nancy Silcox who spoke about ‘Day by Day’. Nancy went over some of the scriptures encouraging us to study daily to be renewed in the inner woman. She talked about the Church’s daily mini-Bible study website and told us that it is an opportunity for church members to participate in outreach to the world and not just Christians. We heard about the format of the studies with Title, Scripture & Reference, Comment, Prayer and Author information. We finished with everyone being given a guide and time to try their hand at writing.

There was a hymn and Daisy Dublin asked the Closing Prayer. Daria announced that next years’ Ladies Day is scheduled for 1st September 2018.


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