There was a Special Festival Atonement Church Service on 30 September 2017 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Next week while many are away at the Festival in Paignton or Bridlington, we will have a Communion during the Service and there will be lunch after Services
*A certificate of appreciation from New Hope Trust has been received
*Bridlington Festival is having a Musical Soierr sunday 8 October, if you would like to contribute please let them know—see the notice on the noticeboard
*Paignton Festival will be broadcastig the Sermons live on youtube—see the link on the website—click the events tab and go to Paignton Festival
*There is a job vacancy at Market Harborough—if you are interested please contact Gavin Henderson
*Duncan McLean is home and thanks people for their prayers
*Dr. Joesph Tkach’s weekly update is on the notice board and addresses ‘Our Identity In Christ’
*See the notice board for James Henderson’s Thought for The Week

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1. Thine Is The Glory
Hymn 2. Who Is On The Lord’ Side? 

A Video of Dr. Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life was played entitled ‘A New Year, A New Heart.’

David Silcox introduced the Offering, reading Phillippians 4:15 which commended the church for sharing their substance, saying the fruit abounds in your lives when you give to and consider others—this is an acceptble sacrifice, well-pleasing to God. God’s blessing is on giver and receiver. The Offering was taken up and during the offering the Hymn, ‘Lift Up Your Heads’ was played and any who wished were invited to join in singing this hymn. 

Mike Barlow asked a Blessing over the Offering. 

Phillip Halford asked the Intercessory Prayer which included:
*God, it is a privilege to know you and know you know us.
*It is a beautiful day as we meet in peace and comfort. We think of those who can’t be here. It must make you very sad as you see your children suffering.
*As we wait patiently for your oming, we mourn over the e vil in this world, we weep for those suffering as a result of hurricans, earthquakes, etc. You see everything and it must grieve you greatly. We read that Jesus wept even though he raised Lazarus from the dead
*Please continue to be with Duncan McLean, Roland and Janie Gadston
*We pray protection for those travelling to the Festivals and a blessing on all that takes place there

Hymn 4. Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus

The Sermon was given by David Silcox about the Day of Atonement. God’s instructions through this story takes various forms:
1. God sought to work with his people through his SERVANTS. Hebrews 11 lists many of these
2.God works though his WRITTEN WORD Joshua 1:8 & Nehemial 8:1 shows where they read the book of the law and we should meditate on it day & night.
3. God works through LITURGY In Genesis 1:14-16 he gave the lights for signs, seasons to mark the passage through the year in their lives and to remind them through instructions and worship—lest we forget!
4. God works through SACRAMENTS, which are a holy sign of grace. Meaningful events like baptism, marriage, Lord’s Supper, etc.
John 1:1-5, 9-14 goes on to say that grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. Love changes everything. He is and was the 1-SERVANT that we listen to, look to and worship. He is the counsel we seek—the 2-WORD we heed, 3-the LITURGY and 4-SACRAMENTS we follow. John 8:11 sin is now forgiven, not just covered as in the OT Atonement. the ritual of goats were a visual representative of Jesus Christ taking away our sin—all sin, past, present & future John 1:29.
Hebrews 2:1 Therefore give earnest heed because we do forget and we do need reminding.

The final Hymn was The Lion Of Judah, after which the Closing Prayer was led by Sue Ann Henderson.

Fellowship continued in the Church Hall.

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