There was a Church Service on Saturday 30 December 2017

The Services began with prayer from James Esom

Hymns were led by George Henderson who began by reading few bible verses
Hymn No. 1 – O Worship The King
Hymn No. 2 – Rejoice the Lord is King

Announcements were given by George and included:
*Mike Hushwait and Mike Barlow are both ill and not at Church today
*Jean Sole, Joan Brookes and Liz Newton are also ill and need our prayers.
*Irenes’ friend reports that her grand child made a good recovery following a illness, praise the Lord
*George Read James’ thought for the week mentioning The Good news of Jesus! going in to 2018.
*We have Communion during the Service next week on the 6th January

Hymn No. 3 – As With Gladness

Intercessory Prayer was led by Sueann and she prayed about the announcements mentioned above.


Hymn No. 4 – O Come, O Come, O Come Immanuel
Hymn No. 5 – Joy to the World

The Sermon was given by Guest Speaker and UK National Director, James Henderson, who began by thanking us for our concern on the people around the world and stated the countries such as Dominica, and Africa and further afield, who have benefitted from UK donations and that we are a giving Church and seek to help others where we can.
James message was about The Incarnation, from a different Perspective . Incarnation is a Latin word. A sign was given. God speak to us. We read Genesis 1:3. Let there we light for us. We are in his image. We read John 1:1. – The words of Grace. We Surrender to Jesus. Reconciliation is possible. Past does not determine your future, we have a promise for the future. We read Matthew 1:21 – Jesus Saves! We also read Matthew 2:6 Jesus our Saviour, A King. We read Rom 6:23 – The Gift our Lord. Togetherness and walk with the people. We Read Hebrews 1:1-16 which was the body of the Message. Also read John 1:3 Another Major point was to take Jesus with you, and is always with you.

The final Hymn was Immortal Invisible after which Phillip Halford gave the Closing Prayer.
Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

Young People’s Church was held during the Sermon time.  This was led by Geoff and Jean Sole, who reviewed some of the lessons they have had in 2017. They touched on the subjects of what the Bible says about remembering, Paul’s missionary journeys, the wordless book, John Newton, Cyprus, the parable of the seeds and a few other subjects that have been covered during the year. At the end of the lesson the young people had a go at solving some metal puzzles.


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