There was a Church Service on 13 January 2018 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Tony Shevlane

Hymns were led by Sue Ann Henderson:
Hymn 1. Lord For The Years
Hymn 2. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Please pray for the Church Board Meeting, which is being held right now at Market Harborough
*Winston & Phillip both unwell and there are cards to sign for them
*Wadia of the Exeter congregation was in hospital with heart failure but is out now and with her daughter. Please pray for her complete healing
*Joy Scott of the Dublin congregation is to have shoulder replacement surgery soon and requests prayers
*Tando from Zimbabwe asks for prayers. He is having difficulty with immigration even though he has lived here for 15 years. There is a new president but others who persecuted him are still in power and it is dangerous for him to return home
*Please pray for the floods in California with mud slides which are causing havoc there
*Lusaka and Zambia are having outbreaks of cholera and need our prayers
*Dorothy thank everyone for the card. She is still unwell and needs prayers
*Reg requests prayers for two friends—one is in Watford hospital with liver problems and another has had a heart attack.
*Please pray about the Head Quarters move in April. Greg Williams is to succeed Joe Tkach at the end of the year. The US update is on the noticeboard with prayer requests for US Pastors and members who are ill, and families of several who have died
*St. Peters are having a Celebration Service 10am tomorrow to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and you are welcome to attend
*Next week begins the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with the Pulpit Swap on Saturday 20th and our guest speaker will be Colin Heath from St. Peters. There is a special Service on Sunday 21st at Beechen Grove Baptist Church beginning at 3:30pm that is the first of the daily Services for the Week of Prayer. There is a Service in a different denomination from Churches Together (the list can be found on the Coming Up page and at the very bottom of this report) and our turn is Saturday 27th January. We will hold a service to which Churches Together are invited so we will have a number of guests from other churches. OUR SERVICE ON 27 JANUARY WILL BEGIN AT 10:30 AM and will be followed by brunch.

Hymn 3. Lord I Come Before Your Throne Of Grace (What A Faith God Have I) 

Intercessory Prayer was offered by George Henderson and included:
*Thank you that we can come and worship you, that we have been called and can come to you with our needs
*Winston and Phillip are ill and we bring them before you; also Blossom and Dorothy, holding them up in prayer. We put Wadia and Joy and Janie in your care. Please be with them, encourage, and in your mercy, heal.
*Please indercede for Tando in his immigration appleal as he looks to you in faith. He is in your hands and wants his life to be for your glory.
*The mud slides in California, following on from the summer fires are bringing distress and misery. In your love and mercy protect and aid
*Cholera in Zambia makes us sorrow and touches our hearts with compassion as it does yours.
*Pastors and church workers mentioned in the US update have served you long, and we pray for their healing and comfort
*We pray for friends of Reg who have requested prayer for health problems—astound them with your healing
*Elizabeth Newton still needs your help, as does Peter Buckley and we are thinking of them
*We pray for our Denomination during the upcoming move of the headquarters and change of leadership.

Hymn 4. Wonderful Grace

The Message was given by Irene Wilson on the subject of prayer. This Church is a praying Church, individually and in weekly worship. Prayer is much more than lists or requests. Spending time in God’s company is so important to our relationship with our Abba, Father.
Many churches have set times and set prayers but Matthew 5-7 gives new instructions to bring relationship into love not duty or regulation. At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray and he began by telling them how NOT to pray—the things that were common to their society, which came between people and God. Then he have a model from which we can learn, that we know of as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. This prayer consists of a preface—Our Father; and 7 petitions followed by an epilogue acknowledging God as the King of power and glory forever. Irene went through each of the petitions and enlarged on their meaning and application.

The final Hymn was You Are My All In All, after which the Closing Prayer was led by Robin Howard

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

Children’s Church was held during the Sermon time.



During this week there will be a Service held each day in one of the Churches who participate in Churches Together in this area.  We encourage you to attend any of these Services that you can, as we unite as Christians Together to pray and worship God.  Here is a list of the Services planned for this week:
21 January 3:30pm Sunday – A united Service with Churches Across Watford at Beechen Grove Baptist Church
22 January 7:30pm Monday – Service at St. Helens
23 January 7:30pm Tuesday – A Service at Christ Church
24 January 12 Noon Wednesday – Service followed by soup and rolls at Scroll Church (was N.W Methodist Church and St. Thomas URC)
25 January 7:30pm Thursday – A Service at the Church of The Nazarene Balmoral Road
26 January 7:30pm Friday – At St. Peters
27 January 10:30am Saturday – A Service followed by brunch at WCG/GCI in St. Peter’s Church
28 January 4pm Sunday – For the Final Service of this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity please come to Garston Community Church


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