There was a Church Service on 20 January 2018 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Sue Ann Henderson

Today begins the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with the Pulpit Swap. David Silcox welcomed our guest speaker, Colin Heath from St. Peters. The Theme for the week is “THAT ALL MAY BE FREE” and today’s theme, Day 1 is “Welcoming The Stranger”. 

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*St. Peters is hosting a ‘Passover Meal’ on Friday March 23 at 7pm. See George if you would like to know more or would like to attend.
*June 16 is Northampton’s annual social this year, which is the day before the National Conference on 17th June. The UK Denominational Conference will be held in Northampton this year and not Alum Hall at Elstree as in past years. The Guest Speaker will be Gary Deddo.
*The date for Cyril Yarwood’s funeral has not yet been set. Contact Mr. David Bedford for more information.
*The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins today and tomorrow with the Pulpit Swap and Churches Together in Watford will be holding a daily Service with it’s own Theme each day this week. GCI/WCG will sponsor the Service next Saturday. 27th January. We will welcome visitors from other churches and denominations around Watford on that day and will follow the Service with a brunch. Please note that this Service will begin at the earlier time of 10:30am. The list of Services is at the bottom of this post, and we would encourage any of you who can make it, to attend at least one of these Services that are for the purpose of promoting unity among fellow Christians regardless of where or how they worship.

Hymns were led by David Silcox who began by mentioning that St. Peter’s, in whose Church we meet, had a special service to celebrate their 50th Anniversary last Sunday. A number of us attended and enjoyed the Service. Congratulations to St. Peter’s for 50 years of providing a place of worship and serving this community. They began their service with the following hymn:
Hymn 1. Lord For The Years
Hymn 2. How Good And How Pleasant

We showed a Video Clip of our Denominational Director, Dr. Joseph Tkach, SPEAKING OF LIFE, entitled ‘Independance Day’ 

There was a Reading by Linda Halford of Psalm 146, which begins, “Praise the Lord, my soul” and goes on to say “The Lord watches over the foreigner” praise the Lord. 

Hymn 3. King Of Kings, Majesty
Hymn 4. I Stand Amazed In The Presence

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Phillip Halford and included:
*Father forgive them, were words of Jesus on the cross. He is our Saviour and what a privilege to know you. We have so much to give thanks for from food to peace of mind.
*We pray for those in this world who don’t know you, for the suffering and those crying out.
*Help us to see ways to help and serve them. We ask you to remember them and reveal your way to them when you come to call them

Hymn 5. Who Is On The Lord’s Side

The Message was given by Colin Heath, a Reader at St. Peters Church in Watford.
Colin began by reading Leviticus 19:33-34 which tells us to love the alien as yourself. Matthew 25:31-46 says I was a stranger and you welcomed me. The sheep and goats parable is also in this passage and they asked ‘When did we see you hungry or will?’ to which Jesus replied that whatever you did for them, you did for me.
We paused briefly for prayer. St. Peters Church was built for the purpose of Christians meeting, but of course, the Church is the people who meet here. The Saints are all the followers of Jesus. This Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is a time to put aside our differences and work together, freeing us from those things that separate and enslave ut. As God’s people we need to set the example of tolerance and honour to those around us. Even in the Old Testament the Israelites were told to welcome and be kind to the stranger and foreigner and not to oppress them. They could be an angel unawares! Also, Israel themselves had been foreigners and strangers in the land of Egypt.
We need to consider whether scripture is really that prescriptive about church and worship. When we consider such topics as baptism, communion and worship, the challenge for all of us is to focus on the comman call and to whos tolerance of differences and difference understanding. Worship is FROM THE HEART, and that is where God looks.
The parable in Matthew 25 contains 3 issues, which Colin enlarged upon: 1.Jesus is coming back – 2. Judgment & 3. The Consequences of judgment.
It is not for us to pronounce on others, but to accept them and extend the grace of God. Who knows but that this may enlarge our horizons and we may learn from other in humility.
Be active in reconciliation
Colin finished in prayer to the barrier-breaking God, that he would grant the gift of the Spirit welcoming all

The final Hymn was O Worship The King, after which the Closing Prayer was led by Mike Barlow

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

Children’s Church was held during the Sermon time.


Congratulations to St. Peters, who celebrated their 50th Anniversary last Sunday 14 January with a Special Service, during which everyone was given a pen with a light to symbolize bringing the light of Christ to the world in general and to Watford in particular. The children were given cards and went to different areas of the Church to spell out some of the significant features of the Church. The Bishop of St. Albans gave an excellent message, reminding everyone that although the building is dedicated to God and we use it for worship, the Church is actually YOU!



The biweekly Bricket Wood Bible Study was held on Friday night, 19th January at 7:30 in the upstairs room of St. Stephen’s Parish Centre, as usual. We are still looking deeply into the gospel of John, praying that God will help us draw out of these inspired words, the wisdom and knowledge that will equip us to serve not only his people, but this hurting world, looking forward to Christ’s second coming. You are welcome to join us at any time for study and fellowship & refreshments, which follow the studies.



During this week there will be a Service held each day in one of the Churches who participate in Churches Together in this area.  We encourage you to attend any of these Services that you can as we unite as Christians Together to pray and worship God.  Here is a list of the Services planned for this week:
21 January 3:30pm Sunday – A united Service with Churches Across Watford at Beechen Grove Baptist Church
22 January 7:30pm Monday – Service at St. Helens
23 January 7:30pm Tuesday – A Service at Christ Church
24 January 12 Noon Wednesday – Service followed by soup and rolls at Scroll Church (was N.W Methodist Church and St. Thomas URC)
25 January 7:30pm Thursday – A Service at the Church of The Nazarene Balmoral Road
26 January 7:30pm Friday – At St. Peters
27 January 10:30am Saturday – A Service followed by brunch at WCG/GCI in St. Peter’s Church
28 January 4pm Sunday – For the Final Service of this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity please come to Garston Community Church


Churches Across Watford and Churches Together in North Watford and Garston invited pastors and church leaders to come TOGETHER FOR A CHANGE, the theme of a two day retreat at High Leigh Conference Centre in Hoddesdon.  The Retreat was filled with worship and prayer as well as opportunities to join break-out groups to discuss what our response as Christian leaders might be to changing societal values in the areas of A. Gender identity and sexuality; B. Faith and ethnic diversity; and C. Commitment and relationships. We had a panel of leaders from the town of Watford, including the head of West Herts College, a Councillor and a Business Leader to help us think on how to respond as Churches and Christians, to changes in the town of Watford.  It was a time that deepened relationships, broadened horizons and catalysed new initiatives for the sake of God’s glory in Watford. We had some open, honest and gracious iron-sharpening-iron discussions that we can take into the future for Kingdom work, as well as to encourage and inspire our congregations.

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