Songs led by Phil Halford

Opening prayer Reg Newton

Song 1 … What a friend we have

Communion by George Henderson, Robin Howard gave the blessing

Song 2 Be thou my vision

Announcements by George Henderson

  • no international news
  • Marion Waters died Friday 22nd December
  • Alex Irvine died Wednesday27th December of the Irvine church
  • Cecil Yarwood died 2nd January from Manchester
  • Luton Quiz is on the 21st April 2018
  • Sunday 14th January is St Peters 50th anniversary of the new church addition
  • Sunday21st is the week of prayer
  • Pulpit swap is 20th January and David Silcox will be speaking at the ark in Bedmond
  • Saturday27th WGC will host service and brunch starting at 10.30
  • Caroline and Adam request prayers for Rebecca for IAS (Intrusive Anorexia Syndrome)
  • Elizabeth Newton requires further surgery but is improving
  • Joan Brooks(97) is in hospital with an infection and not cancer

IP was by James Esom and included Jean and Geoff not feeling well, Jackie Beattie, Blossom Daley, Peter Buckley and Len Malling, Elizabeth Newton, Dorothy Beadsmore, Rebecca Gentil, Joan Brooks, Marion Waters from Birmingham, Alex Irvine and Cecil Yarwood

Song 3 Holy Mighty Majasty

Sermon Mike Barlow1 John 4 God loves us, Rom 5v8 tells us to show love to God, our calling John 14v15 If you keep my commandments, od will send a helper(Holy Spirit) Gal 5v22 Fruit of the spirit is love> God of joy and peace. Isa 55v6 What are Gods’ way and Gods’ thoughts … could it be love Matt 22v24 Keeping the commandments 1Cor12v29 without love I gain nothing 2 Tim1v4 love and self control 1 Tim 6v3 Jude 16 2Pet1v1 Given a spirit of power thru Christ. We are to become love and He gives us a helper …

Song 4 Love Divine

Closing prayer Sue Henderson

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