There was a Church Service on 17th February 2018

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Hymns were led by George Henderson who began by mentioning that the funeral of George and Sueann’s neighbour Joan Brooks aged 97, took place yesterday. She was a great fundraiser and some of our members had met her. Also George visited Ron Hitchcock this week. He has been in hospital and is starting to improve.
Hymn 1 – How Great Thou Art
Hymn 2 – Be Thou My Vision

We then watched a “Speaking of Life” by Dr.Joseph Tkach, who talked about love and how God loved us first. His love is freely given through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 1 John 4:19.

Hymn 3 – Make me a Channel of your Peace

Announcements were given by Winston Bothwell and included:
*From our U.S.A. Update–Please pray for Jodie Hast who had back surgery on February 15th to relieve pain and please pray for Warren Wilson who had surgery for gall bladder and bowel
problems. We report the death of Sam Templeton and Pastor’s wife Jane Nolder.
*Local Announcements–There is a request from Kings School Harpenden who need a part time mini-bus driver to drive to Garston. Please contact George for more details.
*There is a prayer request from Marlene Cliff. Her husband Arthur is in hospital with leg ulcers. Both of them have mobility problems.
*Pat and Reg Newton are both still unwell. Pat has had to have blood tests. Elizabeth Newton is now back at home but will probably need more treatment.
*Dennis Fell has been declared the Northern Farmer of the Year.

Intercessory Prayer was led by Geoff Sole
*Father we bow our heads in prayer. You are our Father and we are your children. You look after us in so many ways. Jesus came to die for us. Thank you for your Bible so full of treasures. We need more bookshops to sell them and people to read them.
*We see your creation all around us and the promise of the coming Spring. There are so many people in spiritual darkness. Please open their minds to your truth. Please protect the missionaries worldwide.
*We ask your help and healing power for the Cliff family, Blossom, Irene, Rowland, Janie, the Newtons, Ron, Len Maylin, Pedro, Warren and Jodie.
*Please give comfort to those who grieve for their loved ones. The  families of Joan, Jane and Sam.
*We also pray for all the victims of the Florida school shooting and the Russian plane crash. Please let their relatives understand that they will see them again in the resurrection.
*Please help our young people to enjoy their weekend trip to Birmingham.
* Please also help Jackie Mill with all the plans for S.E.P.
*We pray all these things in Christ’s name.

Hymn 4 – Shine Jesus Shine
The Message was given by – Sharon Hammersley entitled Don’t Abandon Them. Sharon came to tell us about a charity that she is part of. It is called Release. The inspiration for Release International’s ministry, came from the prison cell of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. He was imprisoned for his faith in Christ for a total of 14 years in the 1950s and 60s. He wrote a book called “Tortured for Christ. He died in 2001. The charity was founded in 1968 to continue his work. They write letters to those who are in prison because of their Christian faith. This is a great encouragement to them and their families. They must not feel forgotten. People want to show God’s love for them. John 15:17. 1 Thessalonians 5:11. Sharon felt that she must respond. Her first resort was prayer. She began to write them letters and found what a difference it made to them. Matthew 25:36. 40-50 letters arrive every day. Some of the guards have come to Christ because of reading out the letters to the prisoners. Sharon felt it was God’s will that she go with two other ladies on a Mission trip to Pakistan. They did this last year and visited many of these persecuted Christians. When they convert, they can be in great danger and often outcasts from their own families. It is very difficult for the church Pastors as there is so much work to do and so few labourers. The Barnabas Trust also works to help release the persecuted Christians. Sharon told us the stories of three of the many people they talked to. They are our spiritual brethren. Romans 8:1. Many were killed and injured in the bombing in 2016. Release continues to help and support them. They live in very difficult circumstances. Sharon was
amazed at their strength, faith and courage. Please pray for them and don’t abandon them. Hebrews 13:1-3.

The Final Hymn was A New Commandment after which the Closing Prayer was given by Joy Barlow.

Fellowship continued in the Church Hall over Refreshments.


The Bricket Wood Bible Study was held on Friday night, 16th February at 7:30pm in the upstairs room of the St. Stephens Parish Centre. We continue our in-depth study of the Gospel of John and welcome anyone who would like to join us.  The Study is followed by refreshments and fellowship.

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