There was a Lord’s Supper/Maundy Thursday Service on Thursday evening 29 March 2018 

The Opening Prayer was given by Irene Wilson

Worship was led by George Henderson who began with the Hymn Meekness And Majesty before handing over to David Silcox. David began this evening reading Luke 22:15 that Jesus had desired to eat this supper with his Disciples. He gently taught his Disciples with the events of this evening following by examples, exhortations and teaching. He said “Let not your hearts be troubled” and went on to talk about the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. But before that he instituted new traditions of great significance.

Mike Barlow read from John 13:1 about the Footwashing Ceremony. Jesus said they would not understand fully until later—they understood the symbolism about humility and service, but not how the blood of Jesus would wash away the sins of the world in the greatest act of love the world has ever known.

The Footwashing Ceremony followed as men went into one room and ladies into another to wash one another’s feet, following the example of Jesus in John 13. 

When everyone was reassembled in the hall, George Henderson led another hymn: The Servant King

The Bread: David Silcox read from 1 Corinthians 11:23 where Paul told the Church how Jesus took bread, gave thanks, broke it and said take eat, this is my body broken for you—instituting a new custom symbolising Christ in us, our hope of glory. David then asked a Blessing over the unleavened bread. Mike Barlow joined him to break the bread, and then Roger and Richard Fowler passed the bread around to everyone.

The Wine: David read from Matthew 26 about the ‘cup’, the wine which represented the blood of Jesus, the blood of the New Covenant which changed everything dramatically. Our sins are not just covered as in the Old Covenant, but washed away by the blood of Jesus. When we take bread and wine we proclaim the Gospel. David asked a Blessing over the wine, and Mike Barlow asked a blessing over the trays of small communion glasses. Roger and Richard again passed the wine around to the congregation, and after giving people time to reflect and drink the symbolic wine, collected the empty glasses.

Encouragement and Exhortation: David Silcox read portions of John chapters 14-17. These chapters contain Jesus’ teachings and prayer following the Lord’s Supper and before his crucifixion. He knew they were troubled at his saying he would be killed and go away. He gave words of encouragement that He send the Comforter, the Holy spirit to teach them and bring His teaching to their remembrance. He gave instructions for them to obey his command and to love one another with His love, and bear much fruit. That their sorrow would be turned into joy and that he has overcome the world. His prayer before they left to go to the garden where Judas betrayed Him is in John 17. In verse 1 Jesus says ‘the hour is come.’ Verse 15 encourages them that they should do God’s work in the world and that he would help and protect them. He exhorts them to keep unity in God in christ, verse 21 and verse 26 His love in them is what unites us.

George Henderson led the closing hymn, There Is A Redeemer

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