Services at Watford 21 April 2018

Opening prayer: Winston Bothwell

Song leader: George Henderson

Song 1 … First stanza of the National anthem for the Queens’ birthday(sung by all)

Song 2 … See what a morning

Song 3 … There is a redeemer

Announcements George Henderson

Luton Quiz at 3pm

Galway Harvest Festival is now open for bookings

Watford services next week (28 April) is at 2.30

Song 4 … In this I have believed

#IP James Esom – we are very blessed to meet in safety and enjoying wonderful weather, be with those who are not able to attend. Prayers are needed for Len & Pam Maylin, Blossom, Peter Buckley, Liz Newton and Ron Hitchcock.

Song 5 …In Christ alone

Song 6 … Stand up stand up for Jesus

Sermon … Mike Barlow (A man after Gods’ own heart)

Acts 13v21, verse refers to David who was a man after Gods’ own heart.

David was not without sin (1 Chron 21v1) David was disobedient but Saul was a sinner too.Acts13v22 David was able to do Gods’ will 2Tim3v10 we must live by the scriptures-righteousness v17. He called us to become godly Titus 2v11 renounce ungodliness and live godly lives Isa 55v6 we repent to be more like Him Ps51v1 when David was told he was sinning, he changed, asked forgiveness, and wanted God to create a clean heart 1Pet5v5 humble yourself Micah 6v8 God requires us to love justice, according to God’s law with love and kindness.

To become more like God, strife to live like Him, ask forgiveness, humble(extend grace)

Song 7 … What a friend

Closing prayer Irene Wilson

Young People’s Church took place during the Sermon time and was led by Geoff Sole. The young people continued to consider various plants in the Bible. Olives, flax, pomegranates, almonds, wheat, dates, grapes, cedars and oaks were all considered. Towards the end of the lesson the young people made fig cakes made out of figs, dates and raisons which they crushed themselves and then formed into cubes to take home in cling film. More on figs and fig trees is planned for next week.


The Luton Congregation holds a Quiz Night every year in the spring, organized by John & Daria Fowler. People come from far and wide to attend, even ‘professional’ pub quiz teams! Number were a bit down this year with a few of the regulars missing, possibly because of the later date this year, so around 40 people enjoyed a buffet dinner and quiz in two parts with dessert and the raffle draw in between. John & Daria are on the lookout all year to find interesting and varied questions in ten areas to make sure it covers a range of talents and abilities or knowledge. Chocolate for the winners team, the Farley Hillbillies, and pencils for the second team, the Drama Queens. An enjoyable and stimulating evening was had by all. The icing on the cake was congratulating Margaret Woolston on reaching £5000 raised for Mission House by her homemade marmalade!


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