26th May 2018
Opening Prayer – Robin Howard
Hymns led by – George Henderson
Hymn 1 – Lord I Come to You.
Hymn 2 – All Heaven Declares.
Announcements led by – George Henderson
If you are interested in the vacancy for a part-time Pastoral Worker in
central England, then please email Gavin Henderson by May 31st.
Adventure Camp will take place in Kettering over the August Bank Holiday
weekend. Applications are now available on the church website, or please
contact Geoff Sole for details.
Please see the church website for details of our Festival in
Bridlington. It will take place from September 24th – October 1st.
The service will begin at 3pm on Monday.
Prayers are requested for Owen Willis a Pastor in Canada. He has
suffered a serious eye accident. The doctors have done all they can and
they now have to wait for the results.
We are sorry to hear of the sudden death last Sunday during the
Pentecost service of Gary Shay in the USA. He had a massive heart
attack. His wife Janet and their brethren were with him.
Hymn 3 – Behold the Lord upon his Throne.
Intercessory Prayer led by – Winston Bothwell
In a survey recently, people wrote down each day 3 things that they were
thankful for. It seems those who are thankful are happier. Maybe we
should try this.
We thank you for all our blessings and the peace to meet in. Please help
the persecuted Christians all over the world and the Charities that help
We have come to understand more deeply just what Jesus Christ did for us
and we are thankful.
Please guide our national leadership and let there be unity over Brexit.
Thankyou for the example of our Queen and her husband.
We ask your help for the changes taking place in the church office.
Please help the changes taking place in our society today. It is
especially difficult for our young people. Many are now losing their
lives through violence or suicide. We mourn for the victims in
Manchester and the people of Grenfell Tower.
We ask you to be with Janet Shay and her family and friends as they
grieve for the sudden loss of Gary. Please give them peace and comfort.
We would love more young people to go to S.E.P and Adventure Camp.
Please bless all those involved with those plans.
This time of year is exam time. Please bless and help all those taking
their exams.
Please heal and restore the sight of Owen Willis.
We pray for those who have to battle each day with cancer. Please
encourage Len, Duncan and Elizabeth and heal them.
Irene is unwell today. Please help her to get well very soon and be back
with us. We also pray for Blossom who has been unwell for some time.
We know that the one sure solution to end all suffering is for your Son
to return.
Hymn 4 – I then shall Live.
Hymn 5 – It is Well with my Soul.
The Message was given by – Barry Robinson
Sometimes very severe storms cause millions of pounds in damage. We have
our own storms in our lives. Jesus is Lord of the storm. Jesus is Holy.
We read in John 6:16-21 that Jesus walked on water! When he walked
towards his disciples in the boat, they were very afraid to see him.
That is a very human reaction to the supernatural. Jesus told them not
to be afraid because it is I AM. We read in Exodus 3:1-14, that when God
spoke to the frightened Moses from the burning bush, again he called
himself I AM. Why does he call himself this? There is nothing else like
him, no “I was” or no “I will be”. Just I AM. Moses grasped the holiness
of God and knelt before him. When Jesus revealed himself to the
disciples as the great I AM, he revealed his holiness. I AM GOD. Jesus
is powerful. Please read Psalm 29. The Lord is over the flood. Nothing
in nature has power except from Jesus, he has power over the forces of
nature. What about the storms we have in our own life? John 6:20-21.
When the disciples realised that it was Jesus, they willingly received
him into the boat. He got them through the storm. Some people want to
keep Jesus at arms length. Sometimes our storms seem too much to bear.
Jesus is Lord over all. We need to let him into our boat. Jesus is our
teacher. Jesus may send us into a storm but he will always be aware of
our situation. He did this with his disciples. Please read Mark 6:45-51.
We should build our lives on God and let him be our foundation. He
should be our raft through our storms. We should fix our eyes on Jesus
the Holy one and remember that he is Lord of the storm.
Final Hymn – The Solid Rock.
Closing Prayer – Sueann Henderson.

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