The Service was held in St. John’s at Radlett beginning 2pm. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Don’t forget to notify the Church Office if you plan to go to the Denominational Conference on 17 June
*The Northampton Social is on 16 June
*Please continue to pray for Christine, Rachel’s sister
*Marie-Angelique Picard was ordained to be an Elder by Joe Tkach and James Henderson in Paris. Marie-Angelique is the National Director for France. Joe Tkach went on from Paris to Belgium.
*The US Update is from Greg Williams and lists the US Regional Directors
*Sue Ann’s brother is recovering from a procedure for a detached retina and she requests prayers for his full recovery


Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1. Come, Thou Almighty King
Hymn 2. Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord 


The Offering was introduced by Sue Ann Henderson . We experience the power of the Lord in miracles and answered prayers. The familiar verse in 2 Corinthians 9 shows us that our Offerings are a response to our gratitude—cheerfully from our hearts flowing from our love for God who commanded offerings in the Old Testament but now invited us to give. He gives us not only physical but spiritual blessings out of his grace and love.

During the Offering Special Music–a new Hymn. was played, Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God. The congregation was invited to join in when they wished. 

The Blessing on the Offering was followed by Intercessory Prayer and was led by Geoff sole:
*Thank you for the Holy Spirit leading, guiding and comforting us
*Thank you for this green and pleasant land full of flowers, butterflies and birds singing. thank you for the peaceful country that we live in
*Many have so little and we that you for the bounty we enjoy. Everything is yours and today we have the opportunity to give back a small thank offering to you. Please bless and use it to multiply and magnify your work. We with the Church to use it wisely
*Thank you for the celebration in Paris over the ordination of Marie-Angelique Picard. Bless and guide her as she continues to lead the Church in France as it’s national director.
*Please bless and guide Dr. Tkach and our church leaders, including James Henderson
*Thank you for our Christian Queen. We share in her rejoicing at the Royal Wedding. Be with the Duke of Edinburgh as he recovers from his hip operation, and be with Harry and Mechan as they start life together
*We pause to think of this in our congregation who are unwell, like Peter Buckley and we give thank for the National Health and those who care for those in need. Be with Janie and Roland, as well as Elizabeth Newton and Sue Ann’s relatives. Be with Cathy suffering from pleurisy
*Bless the Conference next month.

Hymn 3. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
Hymn 4. The Power Of Your Love

The Sermon was part two of David Silcox’s Message about the Holy Spirit. Yesterday we left 120 disciples in the upper room waiting in Jerusalem for the coming of the comforter, the Holy spirit. The Powerful source of Jesus’ miracles was to come and there must have been huge excitement and anticipation. The Comforter, Advocate, Spirit of Trust was to dwell in them—Christ in you. Jesus in introducing the Holy Spirit does not go into doctrine and the nature of God, but shows them what the Comforter will be to them. Acts 2:1 the day was finally and fully come, it was time when the sound of a rushing, mighty wind and the appearance of tongues of fire vs 4 filled them with the Holy Spirit equipping them for the job of witnessing and they began immediately with speaking in oher languages, vs 6, so that everyone came to hear. They were filled with flaming enthusiasm, burning love, blazing zeal! Verse 17 says the spirit was to be poured out on ALL fleash—male & female, old & young, Jew & Gentile, slave & free. Everything changes including roles and relationships in Christ. The last days began at the giving of the Holy Spirit and ends at salvation verses 16-21.

The final Hymn was Shine, Jesus, Shine after which the Closing Prayer was led by Reg Newton

Fellowship continued over Afternoon Tea in the church hall—High Tea on a High Day!

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