There was a Church Service on 28 April 2018 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual but at the later time of 2:30 pm as it was followed by a social evening with buffet meal, activities and entertainment. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*Welcome to our ‘Right Royal Occasion!’ Directly following the Service we will be holding a social with quiz, games, food, beetle drive, and even a singalong. Please join us.
*We are sad to announce the death of Dick tattersall, husband of long-time member, Irene. Richard was 94 years old.
*Next week is our Youth Weekend. The Service will begin at the usual time of 11am.

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox who began by saying, that this evening’s social is themed a ‘Right Royal Occasion’ in honour of the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry to Megan Markle on May 19, but this Service is also a ‘Right Royal Occasion’ as we come before the very throne of God to worship and praise our God, our Lord and King of Kings.:
Hymn 1. King of Kings, Majesty
Hymn 2. Christ Is Surely Coming

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Irene Wilson who began by saying there are some Royals here—all of you!! We are to be kings and priests in the World Tomorrow, so we are royal heirs! But let’s go to our Father and the King of Kings to praise God and intercede on behalf of others:
*Thank you so much for the love you have for us in making us your royal children and heirs. We praise and pray as we remember—
*Pedro Rufian, giving you thanks and asking that you will continue to be with him
*Sadly we heard this week of young Alfie in the papers and we ask you to comfort the parents and all who are bereaved, including the family of Dick Tattersall. You have conquered and death is not the end, but a new beginning.
*We ask you to be with those of our congregation like Blossom and Peter who are not able to be with us at Church. Pain and old age are not part of your will except for a time and we look forward to the time they will be banished forever.
*We thank you for the Korean Summit, that these two neighbouring countries in disagreement for years are willing to get together to discuss their differences and possible solutions. Please guide them with wisdom, patience and tolerance and bless their talks.
*Bless this evenings social that it will be to your glory and be a blessing to each of us.
*So many in this world do not know you. Help us to spread the world—bless our ‘Because’ as a tool you can use to reach minds.
*Walk with us, Lord, and keep u close to you

Hymn 3. Lord For The Years
Hymn 4. Crown Him With Many Crowns

The Sermon was given by UK National Director, James Henderson on the Parable of the Wedding Feast. This parable is about the opening up of grace to everyone, but there are many lessons we can draw from it. People can use all kinds of excuses for not acting in a Christian way, just as the guests who were invited found excuses not to go. Then everyone was invited—inclusion   We are not worthy—Jesus alone is worthy and we participate in his worthiness. Like grace they didn’t have to do anything to receive this invitation or salvation. The messengers, like many Christian martyrs were killed. The wedding was filled with guests—most will come ultimately, although a warning at the end in the man who refused to put on the wedding garment supplied. The wedding garment represents Christ’s righteousness given to us. We put on Christ. Revelation 19:9 says blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper.

The final Hymn was Majesty, Worship His Majety after which the Closing Prayer was led by George Henderson.

Young People’s Church was held during the Sermon time.

Everyone went through to the Church Hall where coffee and snacks were available until the Buffet was ready. Names were pinned on backs and people had to ask yes or no questions of others until they guessed who they were! Over 70 people enjoyed a cold buffet on this Right Royal Occasion! Besides a table quiz, there were a selection of Peter Templeman’s challenging games, brain teasers and royal puzzles at the end of the hall which was decorated with golden hangings, red, white & blue bunting and a pair of ‘thrones’ which presided over the event. Our ‘Royals’ Sue Ann & Irene processed in and were duly ‘crowned’ to much acclaim before people were invited up to get their food.

Following the main course, many enjoyed a progressive ‘Beetle Drive’ with royal prizes. After the Dessert Buffet, the room was cleared and set up for the Right Royal Concert. After a cake cutting and a royal toast, we were regaled by music—Astrid & Peter played their guitars and sang a humourous song, Claire-a guest from Great Baddow-sang a lovely song, Roger Fowler sang a capella and Sue Ann sang two songs—skits by Phillip & Linda as well as the young people—and an animated skit/dance/video cleverly produced by Richard Fowler and Alexander MacEwan.

The evening ended with a rousing SEP style Singalong.


The bi-weekly Bible Study took place as usual in the upstairs room of the St. Stephens Parish Centre in Bricket Wood at 7:30pm on Friday 27th April. This week Mike Barlow led us through John 16 as we continue to examine the Gospel of John. Refreshments followed the study. You are welcome to join us anytime. The next study will be 7:30pm on Friday 11 May 2018.

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