There was a Church Service on 2nd June 2018 at 11am in St. Peter’s Church as usual.
The Opening Prayer was given by Reg Newton
Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson
Hymn 1 – O Worship the King
Hymn 2 – Standing on the Promises
Announcements were given by – Sueann
*Jackie Mill is very pleased with the response from our young people to go to our new venue for S.E.P. 60 have already applied and there are only spaces for 20 more. Any more than that number will be put on a waiting list. They do still need 2 male and 2 female Dorm Leaders.
*Please pray for Duncan and Shirley as Duncan is very poorly.
*Irene is still very unwell with a chest infection. She is now staying with her brother.
Hymn 3 – And Can it Be
Intercessory Prayer was led by James Esom and included:
*We thank you for this lovely weather and the rain needed for the crops. Sunshine makes us smile. We can enjoy your lovely world.
*We need your love daily and thank you for all your blessings. It is a privilege to come here in peace and safety to worship you.
*Thank you for our calling into this church. Please bless our new office in the U.S.A. and also bless our church Council.
*These are difficult times in the world especially for Christians. We ask your protection for them. Thank you for the Aid Agencies and for our own NHS and the Emergency services in this country.
*Please bless the coming Conference on June 17th. Please help all those involved with S.E.P. and Adventure Camp.
*We pray for and ask your healing for those who are ill. Len and Pam, Duncan and Shirley, Elizabeth and Simon, Roland and Janie, Peter Buckley, Blossom and Irene.
*Thankyou for this opportunity to pray to you and please guide our hearing of the message.
Hymn 4 – In Him I have Believed
Hymn 5 – From the Breaking of the Dawn
The Message was given by James Henderson on the subject of Disappointment.
The Sermon was preceeded by a reading of John 21:1-14 by Linda Halford.
James had looked forward to seeing a play at a theatre in London. It was very boring and he was disappointed. We can read a story of disappointment in Genesis 16 about Abram and his wife Sarai and her maid Hagar. It was the social convention of that day, that if a wife did not bear a child, she could have a child by her husband and her maid. Sarai was childless and  was so disappointed about it that she blamed God! When Hagar the maid became pregnant by Abram, she then despised Sarai. Sarai then blamed Abram! This child would have had the right of inheritance in the custom of the day. Instead Sarai dealt harshly with the pregnant Hagar who  fled to the wilderness because she was so disappointed. An Angel of the Lord appeared and talked to her. It could have been Jesus. He wanted to know why she was there. He explained who this baby was to be and told her to go back to her mistress. Hagar called the one  who spoke to her “You are the God who sees”.  No matter how bad our lives get, Jesus comes alongside us and we feel the comfort of his presence. We read in 1 Peter 1:3-14, how Jesus came to his disciples when they were out fishing. Their lives changed when they had received God’s Holy Spirit. Romans 5:5 says “Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us”. Life can feel so unfair, but we have God’s presence always with us. We have the same Spirit that Peter
experienced. HOPE does NOT disappoint. We have the One who lives and sees us. Glory be to his name.
The Final Hymn was Blessed Assurance, after which the Closing Prayer was given by Mike Barlow.
Congratulations to Joseph Mortimer and Amelia Robson who were married on 27 May 2018.

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