There was a Church Service on 16 June 2018 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Irene Wilson

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Next week 23 June there will be Communion during the Service
*The Denominational Conference is tomorrow 17 June beginning 10:30am
*The Northampton Event is today beginning with a Service at 2:30pm
*There is a free Gospel Music Evening with Helen Shapiro next Saturday night—see George for details or check the notice board
*Congratulations to Peter Templeman, who was awarded a BEM (British Empire Medal) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his craftmanship with wood and his charity work

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1. For The Beauty of the Earth
Hymn 2. All Hail The Power 

There was a Video Clip of Denominational President, Dr. Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life entitled As Far As East From West

Hymn 3. All Heav’n Declares
Hymn 4. All Glory, Laud And Honour

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Sue Ann Henderson and included:
*We praise you with our listening and prayer and even in our fellowship afterwards
*Thank you that Peter Templeman has been recognised for service to the community and even wider
*We ask your forgiveness and thank you that your forgiveness removes our sins as far as East is from West
*Show us your will and lead us to use our gifts to your glory; to be bold and serve not just here but in the world. We rejoice and praise you for your grace and love and we want to share this with the world
*We see a suffering world and ask that you will be with the leaders to serve unselfishly for the good of the people
*Places like Yemen suffering starvation and war. We pray that you will be with those who are suffering. We pray for the aid organisations as well as the leaders—soften their hearts and lead them to peace
*With so many who need your healing power, we thank you that Irene is here. Please be with those suffering cancer—Duncan & Len are suffering and we pray your will for their lives, strengthen and encourage them and their families.
*We pray for Roland and Janie, for Eileen as she has her cataract operation on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, Irene’s son, Stephen, has a shoulder operation and we ask that he feels your presence
*Jacqueline Beattie is strugling to provide for her disabled son. Be wish her as she works with the authorities to arrange funding
*Be with the bereaved. Martin’s wife los her mother this week and John McKenna has died. Give their families strength and hope
*Thank you for all you have done for our Denomination and we pray for the Conference sunday. Help us to see how to spread the Gospel and we thank you for the dedication and care shown by our leaders—we ask for your blessing on them, both local andInternational, particularly James Henderson and Joseph Tkach as they come to retirement at the end of the year. Bless the new leadership and give them wisdom and guidance
*Bless the office at Market Harborough as they serve not only the churches, supporting local church leaders, but also in outreach

Hymn 5. Thine Be The Glory

The Sermon was given by David Silcox—Fully Come.
After brief comments on the UK Church board, which he Chairs, how they work, charity law and their duty to make sure that all the procedures of the church comply with law as well as proclaim the gospel and serve the church membership, he read from his iPad about the BEM, the British Empire Medal that was awarded to Peter Templeman and said what an honour it is to have a Church member recognised in this way
In the Sermon David began with the excitement and anticipation of the 120 disciples as they waited for Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. When the day was FULLY COME, everything CHANGED! We know the Old Testament well and carry it forward, bringing it to its fulness—its purpose is fully come. What they looked to became reality in Jesus. Hebrews chapters 3-8 tell how in Jesus we now have a High Priest, not according to law, but the reality of the shadows and copies of the Old Testament (Hebrews 8:4, & 22-27). Looking forward to and anticipating is not as good as reality. Hebrews 8:7 says but now we see a more excellent ministry, a better covenant with better promises. Nothing wrong with the old covenant but it was a shadow looking forward to the new—Pentecost put the problem with the people’s heart right, on Pentecost with the Holy Spirit—God’s heart in their heart. Matthew 5:1-15 begins the New Covenant reality, a relational covenant. Jesus didn’t come to destroy but to fulfill—the intent is fully come, the spirit of the laws is carried out through Christ in us. How it plays out takes us into the future that John saw in vision, which is how it ends in Revelation with a new heaven and new earth and eternal life.

The final Hymn was Crown Him With Many Crowns after which the Closing Prayer was led by Peter Howick

Young People’s Church was held during the Sermon time.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall. 



On Saturday 16 June 2018 at 2:30 there was a special service in the Northampton area. This Service had a choir from Birmingham singing at the begin as well as the Luton Choir, which sang later. Jose Ribiera, the GCI National Director was there with his wife, Helen, and gave the Sermon during the Service. There was a special Children/Young People’s Church led by Richard Fowler and Geoff Sole during the Service. In the evening afterwards people were able to chat with people they hadn’t seen, sometimes for years, and enjoy time and tea together. A Fish & Chip Van came and many purchased food there as well as an Ice-Cream Van later on. A number of people stayed overnight in Northampton at various hotels and met again on Sunday at the GCI UK National Conference.



Sunday morning 17 June 2018, before the conference began, people chatted over tea and coffee. Many hugs and handshakes told of fond greetings and long lost friends. There were delegates from afar, including from Holland, Switzerland and Portugal, as well as Scotland, Ireland and Wales! The day began with extended Worship that included testimonies from Barry Robinson, Peter Mill & Gavin Henderson. After a coffee break James Henderson showed an animated video about Because Magazine which talked about its purpose, people and production. The production team is made up of Richard Fowler as writer & editorial person; Peter Mill who handles media, is communications consultant & research; Gavin Henderson takes care of design, layout and printing; while Alexis Luckhoo organises the mailing, finding people to help fold, stuff and post the hard copies of the magazine, which of course, is also available on-line at and also as a link on the UK Church website on the Publications page:

Following the presentation about Because Magazine, James talked about Succession Planning and the changes to come when he retires at the end of this year. He reminded everyone that Jesus is in charge of His Church and talked about the values that come from belonging to our Denomination—this gives doctrinal integrity, a helpline for members, appropriate policies & procedures, legal protection, mutual accountability and international connectivity. For the future, beginning in January 2019, rather than a National Ministry Leader, we will have a National Ministry Team, which uses the gifts and education of three individuals to benefit the Church in its direction and ministry:
Operations Manager: Gavin Henderson
Mission Developer: Peter Mill
Ombudsman: Barry Robinson

There was then a Commissioning Ceremony where the three men came forward and Dr. Garry Deddo, Tony Goudie and David Silcox laid hands on them while James Henderson prayed on behalf of us all.
A hearty round of applause greeted this event as we look forward to a young and gifted team of leaders to bring a fresh approach and new gifts to our Church’s mission and commission as we serve God in and through Gracecom UK, and Grace Communion International. May God bless and guide each of them as they grow into their leadership role.

The meetings were in the Park Inn Hotel in the centre of Northampton, in a very light and spacious room. They did a great job of keeping us refreshed with water, tea, coffee with pastries and fruit for the tea/coffee breaks, and a delicious lunch of sandwiches and salads.

After lunch, the afternoon began with a choir composed of singers from around the UK, after which we heard from Dr. Gary Deddo, President of GCS—Grace Communion Seminary, which is our Denomination’s on-line theology educational organisation, which offers two accredited degrees: Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Theological Studies.

Dr. Deddo’s first presentation was on Whole Life Discipleship. He began with saying that Biblical Revelation is the foundation for faith—both the living and written Word of Jesus Christ. As every word in the English dictionary is made up of the 26 letters in the alphabet, so topics in theology are based on the basics of the Gospel. We live in two relationships: vertical—God and us, which is a Worship relationship; and horizontal with each other, which is a witness relationship, and indirectly also a worship relationship from God. We live out who we are and whose we are in the ‘theatre of God’s glory’ as Calvin calls it. We were created to worship and witness. C. S. Lewis commented that natural good cannot become all God intends on its own but it was made to ‘run on God’ as a car runs on petrol. In our whole life discipleship, we love God with all our heat, mind and soul and our neighbour as ourselves (Matthew 22:37). We witness to the world out of love. It should not be Church versus the world—a relationship of antagonism, us and them but a witness of love (for the people not their sins). When we witness in the world we are ‘FOR’ them but not ‘of’ them. A witness declares what is not known, they are not arrogant, self-righteous or secretive. This then becomes WORSHIP+=WITNESS.

After a tea break Dr. Gary Deddo continued and enlarged the concept of Whole Life Discipleship in his second presentation entitled Worldview And Vocation: Life As If Jesus Is Lord Of All. In this world we need grace and peace (Galatians 1:3-4). Genuine love but abhoring what is evil Romans 12:9 not taking vengeance, verse 2 not being overcome with evil, but overcoming evil with good. We live between the times of Christ’s advent—between his first and his second coming. Our identity is in christ (Romans 5:7). In this time we supplement or feed our faith with virtue, knowledge, tec. and with agape love as we find in 2 Peter 1:5-7. Verses 8-9 tell us that these keep us from being unfruitful and ineffective as we witness as Whole Life Disciples, living as if Jesus is Lord of all.

James Henderson closed this years conference with a few remarks, a closing hymn and sent us away with a blessing.

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