There was a Church Service on Saturday, 23rd June 2018
The Service took place in St. Peter’s Church, Watford at 11am as usual
The Opening Prayer was given by Winston Bothwell
Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson:
Hymn 1 – Jesus Christ I think upon your Sacrifice
A Communion Service was led next by George Henderson.
Announcements were given by George, and included:
*The Galway Festival will be held 12th-16th September and the Bridlington and Paignton Festivals will be held 24th September-1st October.
*George read out a letter from Sara and Liz who manage St.Albans and Hertsmere Women’s Refuge. They are very grateful for all the toiletry bags that we continue to donate to their project. We hope to invite Sara to come and talk about the changes in funding that they are experiencing.
*Caroline and her family request prayers for her dad Conal. He has just been diagnosed with early stage dementia.
*Peter Buckley has improved since getting a hospital bed and a reclining chair.
*Shirley has requested prayers for her and Duncan as his condition deteriorates.
*Owen Willis thanks everyone for their prayers and concern about his eye problem. He will not be able to see again in that eye and his other eye is not very good. He is very thankful for his wife Tina who is such a wonderful help to him.
Hymn 2 – Before the Throne of God Above
Intercessory Prayer was led by Irene, and included:
*Irene requests prayers for her condition called Vocal Cord Dysfunction. It interferes with her breathing. She has to completely rely on God during an episode and is very thankful for our prayers.
*We give thanks that we have Christ with us and in us. We pray for people that we don’t even know but you do and we  care about them.
*We pray for Conal and his wife and family. Please strengthen them and give them courage.
*Owen and Eileen have sight problems. We ask you to help and heal them according to your will.
*Duncan and Elizabeth Newton are both very ill with cancer. Please give them a calm healing spirit and strengthen their families.
*Winston requests prayers for a family he knows in Park Street. A lady called Rosemary has died suddenly. Please help her relatives through this shock and draw them closer to you.
*David MacEwan has injured his arm in an accident. We pray for swift healing please as he is self-employed.
*We continue to pray for Blossom and Peter Buckley. We don’t forget them.
*This is exam and results time of year. The young people have so much pressure upon them. Please help them and don’t let them feel a failure.
*These are changing times in the world and in our church both here and in the U.S.A. Please guide the transition period and give us faith and hope for the future. Thank you for the dedication of James and Shirley and guide their future plans. Please give wisdom to our new National Ministry team in their responsibilities.
*Thank you Jesus for what you did for us.
Hymn 3 – I the Lord of Sea and Sky
The Sermon was given by Mr. Gordon Brown.  He began by related that he has now retired but when a young lady offered him her seat on the tube train, he really did feel old! If we are a Christian are we now redundant? Those of us who were once young people in the church and are now old, what are we to do? David was a young man when Samuel was told to anoint him and God’s Holy Spirit came upon him. 1 Samuel 16:10-13. In Psalm 37:25, many years later, David states that now he is old. God has taught us from our youth and we must declare his wondrous works. Psalm 71:17. God is our strong refuge, our rock and fortress. Verse 3. God is greater than we can imagine and he strengthens us. Isaiah 40:28-31. Our life is like running the marathon. Those who took part in the London marathon needed plenty of water on a hot day. We need God’s spiritual living water to continue our race. Many people ran with a
handicap. As we age we get many physical problems such as with eyesight and hearing. We should try to stay fit and healthy and fix our eyes on Jesus for our help. We must endure as Jesus did and finish our race. We should fear the Lord all the days of our life and we will receive all that he has promised us. Read Psalm 128.
The Final Hymn was The King of Love My Shepherd Is, after which the Closing Prayer was given by James Esom.
Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.
During the Sermon time on the 23rd of June, the Young People’s Church looked at the subject of Joseph. This was as a result of a DVD they watched about Joseph at the Northampton Service last week. The class was divided into two so that the teenagers could discuss deeper themes about the subject while the younger children watched a short Joseph DVD, did some related colouring and then played some games related to the story. The session was supervised and led by Geoff and Jean Sole.

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