There was a Church Service on Saturday 21 July 2018.
The Service took place in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am
The Opening prayer was given by Jean Sole
Hymns were led by George Henderson who began by reading from Psalm 16.
Hymn 1 – All People that on Earth do Dwell
Hymn 2 – Morning has Broken
Announcements were led by George and included:
*Sueann had an operation on her foot last Thursday and is now at home  recovering. She is in some pain.  Later we all signed a card for her.
*SEP begins on Monday. Please pray for a safe journey for everyone and that the transition to the new venue will be very successful.
*For the younger children, Adventure Camp will take place over the Bank holiday weekend. Please see our website or contact Geoff Sole.
*Our church is to host a service as part of Churches Together on Sunday evening August 5th. We do owe them our support and David Silcox would like at least 12 of our congregation to be there. Please give your name to Irene if you can attend as soon as possible.
*Please pray for Pam Perry of St.Peter’s church. She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Hymn 3 – Walk and Talk
Intercessory Prayer was led by James  and included:

*Thank you for our calling and we are very grateful to meet here.
*We love the seasons of this world that you created, but we do need rain.
*Please keep safe all those who are traveling up to SEP in Scotland. Also guide the plans for Adventure Camp. Help the young people to see that being a Christian is a good thing and surround them with your love.
*Thankyou for our church leaders and please guide the plans for the New Ministry Team.
*Thankyou for our outreach table today.
*The world is full of problems. Please bring peace and an end to the suffering.  Please help all who go to help others including the Emergency Services and Aid Charities.
*Thank you for the example of our Queen and please guide her Government.
*Please help those unable to be here for different reasons. You know who they are.
*We do pray for those who are bereaved. Please give them all comfort,

help and support. We give thanks for the very long service of a Minister in the U.S.A. who has died at the age of 102.
*We also pray for the families of those who died in the boating accident in America.
*Please heal Sueann’s foot and help Pam Perry and her family.
*Please inspire our speaker and we ask all these things in your Son’s great name.
Hymn 4 – The Lord’s My Shepherd
The Sermon was given by Mr. Francis Bergin on the subject of- Putting God First. Some people talk mostly about their earthly things and some mostly about spiritual things. They need to have a balance. We should always seek God with all our heart. Deuteronomy 4:29. Seek first. Matthew 6:33. We are in danger if we seek to put other things first. Do we just do things out of duty like the Queen has to do? Is that all there is? God expects us to go above our duties. We can be in danger of drifting away from God. Remember that God will never leave us, we move away from him. Doing God’s will brings us peace. Matthew 7:21. Is it enough just to be close to God or to God’s people? Jesus was criticized for mixing with these
people. Acts 10:38. God wants to see what we do. We all one day will die alone, but Jesus has a place prepared for us. John 14:3. Mr.Bergin has met many people over the years as Jesus discribed in the parable of the sower. Mark 4:15-19. Commitment involves sacrifice as when a big decision is made. For example marriage or to have children. We should be
a living sacrifice for God. Romans 12:1. What do we value in our life? We should commit our day to God each morning in prayer. Stay close to him and don’t neglect him. Philippians 3:8-9. We are special to God and have the power of his Holy Spirit living in us. We must use this gift of God by his grace to help us through this life. 2 Timothy 1:6-10. We will be in the resurrection. We should always put God first and when facing a difficult decision, ask “What would Jesus do”?
The Final Hymn was Be Thou my Vision after which the Closing Prayer was given by Geoff Sole.
Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

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