There was a Church Service on 7 July 2016 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox whose first hymn was a Call to Worship:
Hymn 1. Come, Now Is The Time To Worship 

The Opening Prayer was given by Richard Fowler

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*The Funeral of Duncan McLean will be on Thursday 26th July at 2pm. The family requests that if you would like to attend the Funeral Service and/or the Reception please register your intent at:
*The funeral of Pat Ramsey will be held on Tuesday 23rd July at 2:30pm in Greenwood Park, Chiswell Green

Hymn 2. America The Beautiful

The video clips of GCI President Dr. Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life was entitled ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and referenced the American Independence Day, July 4th.

Nancy read out Saturday’s Day by Day, which was entitled Agony and Ecstasy by Tony Goudie, which talked about football and the world cup. We are all winners in Christ Jesus.

Hymn 3. He Who Would Valiant Be 

David Silcox introduced the Intercessory Prayer by sharing some good news from their recent trip to Ireland, where they visited the Dublin Congregation and saw Roddy & Maureen Hickson. Roddy had an operation recently but is doing excellently well. There were 12 people at the Dublin Service and 10 at Limerick on Sunday. Earlier in the week, David & Nancy had visited in Northern Ireland, first Jean Linton who is in good spirits despite losing her husband, Will, recently. Jean Herst is coping well after treatment and does not need to see the specialist for three months. Praise be to God for good news. 

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Winston Bothwell and included:
*Thank you, heavenly Father, for the many blessings
*Thank you for the beautiful summer weather. Be with the elderly and very young who may suffer in the extreme heat.
*We are grateful to hear good news such as the well-being of Roddy and Jean, who set a wonderful example of faith anf cheerfulness
*Be with those bereaved, especially at this time the families of Allan Frankcom, Pat Ramsey, and Duncan McLean. We are also saddened to hear of the death of Elizabeth Newton and ask your comfort, peace and encouragement for her family members, including Simon, Pat & Reg Newton.
*We pause to think of those with on-going health issues, such as Len Maylin, Peter & Paul Buckley, Colin McGarvey & the Gadstons.
*This week the young people trapped in a cave in Thailand have engaged our hearts—we give you thanks that they were found, and pray that they will be rescued safely.
*Thank you for your presence in this congregation and with our church leaders. Please be with the transition of UK leadership that is to come.
*Help us to share good news not just with each other, but with the world.

Hymn 4. Because He Lives
The Sermon was given by David Silcox. The book of Revelation was written to encourage the persecuted church just after the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. Apocolypse means ‘to lift the veil’ and in Revelation a strange sight is revealed. God is not bound by time and space and the issues that bind us. Revelation 1:3 says blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy. Revelation uses images and language that must not be taken literally—it is visionary.
Verses 5-6 say Jesus Christ is the faithful witness and verse 7 that he is coming again. Moving to Revelation 4 verse 1 says behold an open door into heaven—a vision, not an actual physical location, but where God dwells, and we can peek into heaven through the eyes and pen of John that should encourage and srengthen us for whatever the future holds. Verse 1 alo speaks of things that must happen—imperative, not might happen, but will. Why hasn’t it happened yet? We don’t know, but we do know they will when the time is right.
John speaks often of a throne and describes it wonderfully. Verse 3 the stones perhaps the same as used in the priests garments, and the rainbow represents a promise—what he says, he does. Verse 6-8 full of eyes—God sees and knows everything, verse 8 never rests, always on the job. We can be encouraged by this and rejoice.

The final Hymn was Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, after which the Closing Prayer was led by Irene Wilson

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

During the sermon time there was a Youth Discussion Group led by Richard Fowler. The used the new reality programme The Love Boat as a jumping off point for a discussion on right relationships.


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