The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Pat Newton

A short Video Clip ‘Speaking of Life’ by Denominational President, Joseph Tkach, was shown, entitled ‘Magic Eye’ 

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1. The Power of Your Love (Lord I Come to Thee)

Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*A Memorial Service was held on Wednesday 1 August for Allan Frankcom
*We are sad to tell you of the death of Hilary Reeve last week
*Prayers are requested for Len & Pam Maylin
*There is a Churches Together Summer Service here tomorrow 5 August, which will be done by us for the Christian Community. Please come join us at 6:30pm
*The Local Watford Church website has not been working for a while and we do not know why, but we are working to put it right. We will update it as soon as possible and thank you for your patience.

Hymn 2. By Faith

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Winston Bothwell and included:
*Thank you for our many blessings including coming before your throne of mercy in Intercessory Prayer
*Thank you for your Word that contains so much for our benefit
*We ask, great God, that in your mercy you will look down and relieve burdens like the persecution of Christians and the many natural disasters—the recend floods, droughts and forest fires around the world. Comfort survivors with health and strength.
* We think of those who are ill at this time in our fellowship. Please encourage and strengthen Len & Pam to fact the future. Be with the Buckley brothers, Blossom and Janey—give relief from long-standing issues and ailments.
*There are many bereaved families mourning the loss of loved ones, and we think of the Reeve family, the Ramseys, Newtons, McLeans and Frankcom families.
*Please guide and direct us as a congregation and give our leaders wisdom in their direction.

Hymn 3. I Believe

That was the theme song of SEP which finished yesterday. Although it was not at Loch Lomond, the new site this year at the Lagganlia Activity Centre proved to be an exciting and inspiring venue for the 80 campers and 30 staff. God blessed SEP with great weather and protected them as they enjoyed a great variety of activities in the Scottish Highlands near Aviemore. Some photos were shown from including David Francis, Barbara Silcox Gubb’s daughter Kayley, and a number from the Watford Congregation—Richard Fowler, Rebecca, Catherine, Xan and Geoff Sole. We saw some of the activities, including sailing, canoeing, hill walking, cycling, archery, rock climbing, tree climbing, white water negotiating and skiing on the dry ski slope which is on the camp site!

Hymn 4. The Heaven’s God’s Glory do Declare
Hymn 5. The Truth Shall Make You Free

The Sermon was given by David Silcox on Unanswered Prayer?
Are we like boys who ring the doorbells and run away? do we pray and expect an answer NOW? and not wait around to hear what God has for our lives? The Disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. They knew how to pray, of course, but they perceived that Jesus’ prayers were different and they saw his prayers answered dramatically—healings, fed the 5000, calmed the storm, etc. His prayers were personal—not addressing a vengeful God, but a loving and merciful Father. Yet even Jesus did not get the desired answer every time—he prayed that the cup would pass and not to have to go through the crucifixion, but then he prayed, not my will but thine! Looking at ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ we see this crucial phrase again, a model we should follow—‘your will be done’, as well as earnestly desiring ‘thy kingdom come’. We see the story of the persistent friend asking for a loan of break and our first thought is that it means we should badger God with continual requests to get his attention, but God is not like that—he is always ready to consider our best, his desire is for our good. In time of need when we cannot solve our own problems, we turn to God who can supply all our needs—not necessarily our ‘wants’. The persistent friend story also shows a friend asking on behalf of others, as we turn to God in intercessory prayer. It is an established friendship and this is reflected in a need for a close relationship to God, not just talking to him when we need him to do something for us, but taking time to hear his word, to worship, praise and talk things over with our ‘best’ friend. Seek, ask, knock—God will listen, hear and he will always answer in his own time and way, for our best good.

The final Hymn was The Lion Of Judah after which the Closing Prayer was led by Phillip Halford

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.


 On Sunday 4th August 2018, we led a Service for Churches Together in Watford and Garston

The Opening Prayer was given by Mike Barlow

David Silcox welcomed everyone and made a few announcements before inviting people to stand and greet those around them.

Nancy Silcox led Worship:
Hymn No. 1 To God Be The Glory
Hymn No. 2 Jesus is the Name We Honour

Intercessory Prayer was led by Irene Wilson, praying for the people, the problems and the Churches of Watford.

We watched a Speaking of Life video Clip of Grace Communion International Denominational President, Dr. Joseph Tkach, entitled No One Dies For Nothing

Hymn No. 3 Here Is Love, Vast As The Ocean
Hymn No. 4 How Wonderful, How glorious

Linda Halford gave a Bible Reading before David Silcox gave a short Message.

The Final Hymn was Because He Lives, after which the Closing Prayer was led by George Henderson.

Fellowship continued in the Church Hall over Refreshments.

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