There was a Church Service on Saturday 27th October 2018
The Service took place in St. Peter’s Church, North Watford, at 11am as usual.
The Opening Prayer was given by Pat Newton
Hymns werre led by Sueann Henderson
Hymn 1 – Thine is the Glory
Hymn 2 – In Christ Alone
Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Gavin Henderson warns all members to be aware of scam emails. Especially those that demand money urgently. They are fake.
*If you wish to attend the Regional Conference on December 2nd, please
contact Alexis. It is open to all.
*The service on the 14th October when Mr.Tkach passed the leadership
baton to Greg Williams can now be viewed on our GCI website.
Hymn 3 – Such Love
Intercessory Prayer was led by  Phillip Halford and included:
*Floods, earthquakes and fires, all worldwide disasters. Where is God in all of this, some will ask? God is always mindful of us. Psalm 8:4. He let his own son die to save us from our sins. Some people have great wealth while others live in poverty. There is so much suffering and you God see it all. It is a privilege to know you and the plan you have for the future of all humanity. There is only plan A, no plan B. We need faith and understanding and one day all will know you. We must try to help people when we can.
*Winter is approaching and we must pray for the elderly and those in pain and suffering. People have many different problems and you know who they are. We ask you please to help them.
*We look to the only answer to this world and its problems. The return of Jesus Christ. Sooner rather than later.
Hymn 4 – Wonderful Grace
Hymn 5 – The Wonder of Your Love
The Message was given by Mike Barlow
When Christ returns in awe and splendour who will endure and stand on that day? Malachi 3:1-3. A Christian’s calling is like being put into a melting pot to be refined in fire as with gold. Our refining sometimes comes through various trials. James 1:1-4. Gold is impure when mined and has to be refined in a crucible at great heat, 1000 degrees centigrade plus. Gas is pumped through it and a dross of impurities forms on the top, which is expertly skimmed off without losing the gold.  The quality is tested by the assayer.  We are called into God’s melting pot, the church, where we may be subjected to heat through the trials of life.
Jesus is the great assayer.  Gold is never 100% pure, as minute amounts of impurities, up to 0.3% may remain, but it is still called Fine Gold. Likewise, we will never be completely pure in this life, but Jesus knows how much he expects to achieve with us. The Holy Spirit works with us to make our character complete. 1 Corinthians 3:9-16. Our reward will be eternal life. We must apply wisdom in our lives.  Proverbs 8:1. Wisdom is more precious to us than gold or silver. Jesus is our mentor. We must try to be holy in our behaviour but not self-righteous as Job came to realise. Job 42:1-6. Our reward is to be with God eternally in his city of gold. Revelation 21:18.
The Final Hymn was Lord for the Years after which the Closing Prayer was given by Winston Bothwell.

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