There was a Church Service on 19 January 2019

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Winston Bothwell

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Malcolm Arnold has had his surgery and is recovering well but still needs prayers
*Audrey McColl from London congregation has died at the age of 90
*Paul James from the Great Baddow Congregation has a brain tumour and requests prayers
*Esther Marsden’s from Belfast, funeral was Wednesday 16th.  Esther is the sister-in-law of David Marsden who used to attend here.
*Paul Gunning is in hospital and has been given six weeks to live.  Please pray for him and his family that God will give them peace.
*This begins the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and there is a Service each day sponsored by a different denomination in Churches Together in the Watford area.  There is a schedule of the Services at the bottom of this report and we encourage you to consider attending one of these Services or more. Next Saturday people from different Churches Together will join us for our Service and brunch afterwards.  Our Service will begin at the earlier time of 10:30am, please come and welcome our visitors.
*February 1 is the Women’s World Day of Prayer and there will be a 2pm Bible Study held at All Saints Church—see Sue Ann for details.
*Rosemary thanks the congregation for the card they sent.
*Peter Mill’s Thought For The Week is on the notice board.

We began with a Video from GCI President Greg Williams setting the vision for 2019 with In Partnership With God

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox, who began by bringing some information from the leaflet about The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which begins with this weekend and ends with next weekend when we host the Service for the Churches in the Watford area.  This service will begin at 10:30am and is to be followed by brunch:
Hymn 1.  One Faith, One Love

Before the next Hymn Nancy read Deuteronomy 16:18-20 which inspired the Theme of the 2019 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity—Justice.
Hymn 2.  O How Love I Thy Law

Before the next Hymn Nancy read a Prayer from the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Booklet:
”God of all, you have shown us the path of justice
You are the father of the orphan.
You are the constant companion of the widow.
You are the friend of the stranger
In each of these, may we meet you
And recognize the wind of your Spirit, moving us toward the need for justice.

In all that we do, may we know your grace and mercy
And offer healing and justice in your name.”

She then read Psalm 82:1-4 which includes instruction to judge justly, not showing partiality, to defend the poor and fatherless, to help the poor and afflicted—this way all will know that we are Christ’s Disciples:

Hymn 3.  And By This Shall All Men Know

Before the next Hymn Nancy read Luke 4:18-19 where Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord anointed him to preach the gospel to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind and set at liberty those who are oppressed. When we live and share the gospel we become a channel of God’s peace:

Hymn 4.  Make Me A Channel of Your Peace

Through Intercessory Prayer we facilitate that channel of Peace. Intercessory Prayer was offered by James Esom and included:
*Our Great God, we come to you in grateful thanks for our many blessings.
*We see the news and our hearts go out to those suffering persecution and hardship
*Thank you for GCI and we pray and thank you for our leaders.  Be with Mr. Joseph Tkach in his retirement role and with our new President, Greg Williams to inspire and guide him as he leads and casts the vision for the Church
*thank you for our young people and we ask that you bless, guide and protect them
*We pray for the aid agencies and emergency services who help those in distress
*We remember those of our congregation who are ill and not here today. You know each individual’s trials and illnesses and we pray that you will be with them
*We are one Church in Christ and we ask your blessing upon the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
*Be with the homeless and poor who are cold and hungry, especially during the winter
*Be with Street Angels and other Christians who go out to help people
*Be with Malcolm Arnold and help him recover from his surgery, and with Paul James as he deals with his brain tumour—in your mercy grant him healing
*Be with the McColl family who are grieving.
*Thank you for the opportunity to pray together

Hymn 4.  The Lion of Judah

The Sermon was given by David Silcox about Baptism.  Justice is the theme of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which ties in with last weeks’ UK Lectionary subject about the baptism of Jesus to fulfil all righteousness—which results in justice!  Matthew 3 tells of Jesus’ baptism.  He wasn’t baptised for the forgiveness of sins as he did not sin, but to set the example and to fulfil righteousness.  Our baptism is for remission of our sins and into the righteousness of Jesus—it is a type of death and resurrection to new life as we read in Romans 6:3-11 we are buried with Jesus—baptised symbolically into his death verse 4 and raised with him to new live in verse 5.  Christ in us fulfilling righteousness.  Galatians 3:26-29 says this also—we are baptised into Christ and have put on Christ.  We are all one in Christ—Christians in justice and unity.

The final Hymn was The Solid Rock,  after which the Closing Prayer was led by Mike Barlow

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall. 


We are proud to take part in the Week of Prayer as a part of Christians Across Watford and Churches Together.  There will be a Service on each of the days while we not only pray for unity, but demonstrate it as we worship together.  Here is a list of the Services and as you can see we are scheduled for next Saturday with the earlier start time of 10:30am and the Service will be followed by Brunch.


Monday 21 January 8pm
Christ Church

Tuesday 22 January 12 noon
Scroll Church (followed by soup & rolls)

Wednesday 23 January 7:30pm
All Saints Leavesden
Preacher Doral Hayes
Ecumenical Facilitator for churches Together in Hertfordshire

Thursday 24 January 8pm
Leavesden  Road Baptist church

Friday 25 January 8pm
Seventh Day Adventist, Stanborough Park

Saturday 26 January 10:30am
Grace Communion International (in St. Peter’s Church)
(Followed by Brunch)

Sunday 27 January 4:30pm
Soul Survivor
(Followed by a Meal)

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