There was a Church Service on 16 February 2019

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

As a ‘Call To Worship’, a hymn was played, Such Love, and we sang along as we found our seats.

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom

Hymns were led by Sue Ann Henderson:
Hymn 1.  Name of all Majesty
Hymn 2.  Crown Him With Many Crowns

Sue Ann gave a Reading of a poem written by a man from Soul Survivor, ‘The Table of the Lord’

Hymn 3.  King of Kings, Majesty

Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*Cedric Redit’s knee operation went well and he thanks us for the cards and prayers
*Phil Halford is still not well at all.  He is grateful for the cards and prayers on his behalf
*Janie Gadston has been in and out and in hospital this week so please pray for her
*David Silcox thanked people for their prayers and reported that he is feeling well despite blood clots in his lungs.
*Geoff Sole announces the dates of Adventure Camp in August: 23-27th
*David read out Gavin’s Thought for The Week, which can be found on that page on this website or click this link:

David continued on from Announcement into Intercessory Prayerafter reading John 15:7 which says ‘abide in me’ and this preceeds the well known scripture which says whatever you ask in my name… If we are abiding in him, then hwat we ask will be motivated by love, not selfish or unreasonable requests, and he responds for our own good
*We bow before you, Father in Heaven and come into your presence, so grateful that we are your children and that you hear us. Help us as we pray to talk sincerely with you and realize that prayer is a benefit to us—you know what we need before we ask, but when we pray for others, your love flows through us
*Jesus commanded his disciples to go and be vitnesses, so help us to represent you and your word to those we encounter.  We are mindful that the world needs you and we pray that you would grow our congregation and that we will be a place people will be helped and loved in
*We consider and pray for those in our congregation who are suffering:  Cedric Redit and we thank you for the success of his knee surgery and ask you to help him to recover completely; Phillip Halford is still very unwell and we miss his cheerful presence among us so please have mercy on him and bring him healing: Janie is a young woman who loves you and is suffering, please look down on her and bring her wholeness in body as she looks to you in faith; Simon Newton who has suffered so much through the illness and death of his wife is now suffering with a health issue and we bring him to your throne of mercy; the Bell family is also in distress and are looking to you for comfort and help
*We rejoice that you have heard the many prayers for your servant, Chris Cottee, that he has found a house that suits his needs in every way.

Hymn 4.  My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs

The Sermon was given by Francis Bergin on the topic of the importance of listening.  We seldom complain about people who listen too much!  Listening should be 50% of communication, and is the KEY to effective communication even though the most neglected skill, a skill that underpins all human relationships. Ass Matthew 7:12 says, do to others as you would have others do to you—we all need to be listened to.
It is not a passive activity but takes effort and focus. There are different kinds of listening, e.g. at a social is not the same as hearing the concerns of someone just diagnosed with cancer.  There are certain keys to good listening:
*acknowledge with a nod, body language or an occasional question which shows interest
*look directly at the speaker, not up in the air or around the hall
*Don’t be distracted by noise or movement nearby (Turn off the TV!)
*Focus on what is being said instead of thinking what you will say next yourself
*Don’t interrupt with counter-arguments or sidebars (although be aware that people with hearing problems may interrupt to clarify or may think you have finished)
*auto-biographical listening is not generally helpful, e.g. if a person is telling about their trial, don’t then tell them about yours or someone elses (in an informal situation like a car story, this is different)
Listening does not equal hearing!  And Listening does not mean agreement.
James 1:19 say be swift to hear and slow to speak.
Galatians 6:2 says to bear one another’s burdens & you do this when you listen
I Thessalonians 5:14 says support the weak, be patient to all.
Most of us are here today because we listened—to The World Tomorrow perhaps on Radio Luxumbourg! Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing…the word of God As it says in Psalm 46:10 we need to be still and listen, pause and let God speak to us. Listening is the greatest gift we can give to others.  Hear, consider and then act. Listening can be life-changing which will enrich our lives and those of others.  James 1:22 not hearers only but doers of the word of God.

The final Hymn was Be Thou My Vision after which the Closing Prayer was led by Joy Barlow

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall. 

During the Sermon time, Young People’s Church considered Matthew 7:24-28. This is the story of the wise man who built his house on the rock and the foolish man who built his house on the sand. They read the story and scriptures in children’s Bible books and played a ‘snakes and ladders’ type game which was based on the story. The leaders of Young People’s Church this week were Geoff and Jean sole.

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