On 21st April 2019 there was a RESSURECTION SERVICE held at Abbey School, St. Albans at 11am

The OPENING PRAYER was given by Simon Newton

HYMNS were led by George Henderson who began by reading Matthew 28:1-18:
Hymn 1 – Jesus Christ is Risen Today
Hymn 2 – He Has Risen

An OFFERING was taken up as we listened to the hymn “Were You There” sung by Brindley Sheriden.

Sueann gave THANKS FOR THE OFFERING and then gave INTERCESSORY PRAYERS which included:
*She prayed for persecuted Christians and for those killed and injured in the attack in Sri Lanka.
*She also prayed for all those who could not be at this service today for whatever reason.

HYMN 3 – There is a Redeemer
HYMN 4 – Meekness and Majesty

The MESSAGE was given by Irene Wilson. When you land at Prestwick Airport in Scotland, you see three words written on the top of a building: PURE DEAD BRILLIANT. This is very Scottish and means happy, chuffed, pleased. Today we should consider these words. We rejoice that Jesus has risen, but how well do we know him? We may have an impression of him.
*PURE means free from all tainting. Is anything on this Earth pure? Water, food, sea, hospitals, relationships? Too much pollution. We need to go back to creation and our creator, Christ. He is pure. In the Old Covenant a sacrifice of the herd must be without blemish. Leviticus 1:3. A forerunner of our Saviour, the perfect pure sacrifice. Psalm 51:17. Hebrews 7:26-27. 2 Corinthians 5:21. We are all made pure by the blood of Christ. 1 John 3:3-5.
*DEAD. The Scots use this word as total and absolute. Life is extinct. Jesus died and was buried in the tomb. When Jesus was resurrected he once again became
*BRILLIANT. Our ultimate creator when back in glory with his Father was radiant. He had left the table to die and left the grave to live. Revelation 1:13-15.
Jesus is alive and vibrant. This is what we celebrate on this day. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. Our resurrection and for all our loved ones is assured.

The FINAL HYMN was See What a Morning, after which the CLOSING PRAYER was given by David Silcox.

We all then enjoyed a LUNCH together.

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