A Special Exciting Service was held during the Youth Weekend on 4 May 2019

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

A video Countdown of youth in action Called to Worship.

The Opening Prayer was given by Watford Local Elder, George Henderson

David Silcox welcomed everyone and led the Hymns:
Hymn 1.  Ten Thousand Reasons
Hymn 2.  How Great Is Our God

Pre-Recorded Announcements were given by Michael MacEwan and included:
*Everyone is welcome to join us for Life Club following the Refreshments after the Service
*The Northampton Social is on 11th May and all are invited to join them for this Special Occasion including an afternoon service at 2:30pm at Saxon Hall in Raunds, Northamptonshire. The guest speaker is Frans Dannenberg, GCI National Director for the Netherlands and Flanders.  Young People’s church will be held during the main Service and in the evening socialising you will have the opportunity to purchase fish and chips from a mobile van, as well as enjoy ice-cream from a mobile van from 6pm.
*SEP is being held in Wales this year at Morfa Bay in Carmarthenshire from 29 July-9 August. Check out www.sepuk.org . They are looking for a responsible adult volunteer to drive a minibus full of campers from the London south Mimms Service Station to SEP on Monday 29th July. This is about a four hour drive each way. They also need a responsible adult bus monitor on the main SEP coach coming down from Glasgow early the same day.  If anyone serving on staff during camp, that would make things easier for everyone. Please contact the SEP Admin Assistant, Kate Moti at admin@sepuk.org
*Adventure Camp this year runs from 23-27 August at the Sir John Lowther county Scout Activity Centre in Kettering NN14 1QF. You can learn more about Adventure Camp from Geoff Sole or email adcamp@gracecom.church

David Silcox continued with some Local Announcements:
*Peter Buckley died Monday 29 April and his funeral will be on Wednesday 15 May at 13:40 in the South Chapel of West Herts Crematorium, Garston and will be followed by refreshments here, at St. Peter’s from 3pm.
*Brian Rowe’s operation was successful and they were able to use keyhole surgery which will greatly reduce the recovery time. He thanks everyone for their prayers
*There are two cards to sign—for Peter Buckley’s family and one for Brian Rowe

Special Music was a piano piece played by Michael Gibbs from Birmingham

Special Music was followed by a Video of people expressing hope and purpose when asked “What is your purpose in life?”  This introduced the Theme of the Service, which was Fulfilling your potential/Ordering your life/Living your Best Life

Hymn 3.  By Faith

Izaak Hanley gave a Sharing Message. He works with children and asks ‘Do we need God?’ What he was 17 or 18 he began to question and realized that physical things do not satisfy, so he prayed for God to reveal himself to him, and he did. 1 Peter 5:6-7 says to humble yourself and God will exalt when we cast all of our cares upon him. Izaak encourages young people, don’t wait to give yourself to God, that you will never be 100% ready or worthy. Hebrews 12 tell us that faith reveals and clarifies those things that you can’t see, and things you can see are affected by those things you can’t see.  In his work, Izaak uses the Leap of Faith to help people overcome fears and see that they are safe with God.  If you are seriously injured, you go quickly to hospital, you don’t ask if there is wifi or do they serve hot chocolate there, so don’t hesitate to turn to God quickly—he is our salvation, our Father and we are the work of His hands (Isaiah 64:8). Don’t fear God’s high standards, for sin is not sin to ruin our fun but for our good and to protect us from harm.  God provides the fules of true life and joy. Remember Matthew 7:24 which shows that a wise man builds his house on solid rock

Hymn 4.  Our God Is An Awesome God

The Scripture Reading was Psalm 8 and was read by Ben Parry from London

The Message was brought by Richard Fowler and Jason Cornish. They began by showing a video ‘In The Beginning…’ which shows that God creates order out of the potential he works with. Richard asked, “Are you living your best life?” and said that they were going to present seven simple principles to create order in life.
*Richard presented Number 1 – Step out of your Comfort Zone. Don’t make decisions out of fear. Don’t worry about what people are thinking of you=the SAD Zone. A video illustrated this with Misha doing very scary backflips in public last year at Adventure Camp and now she is about to compete in a gymnastics competition. Challenge yourself to order your life and fulfill your potential. There is a famous quote “To walk on the water, you need to step out of the boat”. When we look to God we will find that we CAN do things we never thought we could do with God as our helper.
*Jason presented Number 2 – Learn Something New. This gives you confidence and more interests and skills which are an advantage in interviews and job applications.  It developes the brain and encourages achievement
*Richard presented Number 3 – Be Better Thank You Were Yesterday. He showed some words from a popular song whose advice was unfortunate: “I was always taught to just be myself. Don’t change for anyone.”  Richard reminded us that change is inevitable and necessary, so we need to proactively choose how you change, rather than letting it happen without knowing it. ‘Being yourself’ restricts you to what you were yesterday!  Ecclesiastes 9:10 encourages us to do what we do with all of our might
*Jason presented Number 4 – Money, money, money does not bring happiness! To live a better life, we need to control our money, not let it control us. Matthew 6:24 says you can’t serve two masters—God and money. Proverbs 23:4-5 says riches fly away—in other words, money and life is temporary so focus on the permanent. Choose where your money goes, setting priorities.  Don’t spend more than you earn or you become a slave to money (Proverbs 22:7)
*Richard presented Number 5 – Life’s Unfair, Get Over It!  Don’t let life control you, make you angry or bitter. He showed a video of Bethia’s giant bubble at Adventure Camp, which inevitably burst, but there is no point in getting upset, angry or bitter.  1 Peter 3:9 reminds us that repaying evil for evil is counterproductive, so bless instead
*Jason presented Number 6 – Take a Break. He focused on the important of rest and taking a break.  He showed a video about work and rest.  God created the human body to need a day of rest each week—rest is not just about doing nothing, but a change of focus, and when you rest this gives you a change to renew and recover and therefore be more able to cope and energy to excel.
*Richard presented Number 7 – Jesus is the key to your best life and potential.  These principles will help you not just to live a better life but to live your best life.  Look to the Word, Jesus Christ, he is the one who creates order and maximises potential.

The final Hymn was I Believe  after which the Closing Prayer was led by Sue Ann Henderson

Fellowship continued over enhanced refreshments in the church hall. 


LIFE CLUB was held in the Church Hall after the normal refreshments, and around 35 people enjoyed meeting for this event.  Ben welcomed everyone and read out a scripture that he found encouraging before asking one of the young people to give the Opening Prayer. The business section included Richard Fowler mentioning the schedule for the evening (barbeque at Geoff Sole’s) and the next day, including a trip to Go Ape!  Geoff Sole showed a large poster indicating where in the world Life Clubs were held and said it was truly an international effort, with more countries planning to begin holding clubs this coming year.
Alex Wisdom, from southern Ireland presented the Table Topics, which were enthusiastically commented upon by young and old.
During the Break a group photo was taken and then everyone enjoyed pizza and finished off the refreshments from after Services
Bethia Moti introduced the Speeches:  Michael MacEwan, David Gibbs, James Luxton, David Gent and James Esom.

Ben gave a short Evaluation and then presented the Life Cups to the young man who gave the prayer, to Michael MacEwan and to Michael Gibbs.

Richard Fowler gave an inspirational summary and then handed over to David Silcox for some closing remarks to finish the Club.


The Bricket Wood Bible Study was held on Friday night 3rd May at 7:30pm.  Mike Barlow took the study this evening as we continued in the book of 1 John.  Refreshments and fellowship followed the study.  Anyone is welcome to join this fortnightly study that is held in the upstairs room of the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre, Bricket Wood. 

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