There was a Church Service on Saturday 18th May 2019

The Service was held in St. Peters at 11am as usual

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson, who began by reading from Psalm 71.
Hymn 1 – See what a Morning
Hymn 2 – Stand up Stand up for Jesus

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*David and Nancy are in Dublin today to attend the funeral of Paul
Gunning. Please pray for all his family.
*The funeral of Peter Buckley was held last Wednesday. Please pray for his brother Les.
*If you wish to apply for S.E.P. it must be by May 31st. Jackie Mill requires the final figures by then. They do still need Dorm Leaders.
*Mike Hustwait has now left hospital and is in a Rehabilitation home in Garston.
*Winston requests prayers for his neighbour Kathleen. She has fallen and dislocated her new artificial hip and is in a lot of pain.

Sueann continued to read from Psalm 71 before the next Hymn:
Hymn 3 – Lord for the Years

Intercessory Prayer was led by Irene Wilson and included:
*We can always pray to God at anytime we need to.
*Thank you for this season, blue sky and blossom. This time of year is a reminder of renewal for us and hope for the future.
*Thank you for the lives of Peter Buckley and Paul Gunning. Please give their relatives and friends peace and comfort.
*Please strengthen Mike Hustwait and let him get all the help he needs in Rehabilitation.
*Please continue to help Debbie Hindle and Debbie Thomas to get well again.
*We pray for Kathleen that you would help her and take away her pain.
*We pray for your guidance at the Church Board meeting tomorrow.
*Please give our Politicians a sense of self-sacrifice. They are in such
confusion. They need unity. We leave the state of the nation to you.
*Watford team in is the football final today. Please help the Street
Angels and give peace in the town centre tonight.
8Chris and Mary Cottee retire in July and move to Southport. Please bless them and give them health and happiness.
*Thankyou that we can come direct to you in prayer.

Sueann read from Psalm 16 before continuing with Hymns:
Hymn 4 – In Him I have Believed
Hymn 5 – From the Breaking of the Dawn

The Message was given by Chris Cottee, our guest speaker from St. Peters. Before he spoke Irene introduced him: When we first began to meet here at St.Peter’s, Chris made us feel welcome and loved. He called us partners. Over the years we have built up a wonderful relationship with him, Mary and members of their congregation. Irene presented Chris with a card and gift on behalf of GCI Watford.

Chris began with two stories about about two men. One in a flood and one clinging to a tree stump after falling. They prayed for God to rescue them but did not see that God rescues us his way, not ours. We have many lessons to learn. Chris gave an example of the Apostles in Acts 16:6-15. God guided them by his Holy Spirit to go his way and not the way they had wanted to travel. God has a specific purpose for us and does what he does, when he does. I want you here, not there.
He then told us the story of Watford. Some years ago, a group of Watford church leaders decided to meet every Tuesday at 6.30am to pray together and build relationships. This became a long term thing to “break up the unploughed land”. It affected the spiritual growth of Watford. Christians Across Watford then began led by Roger Sutton. They then discovered that this call to prayer and unity was going on all over this country and the world. Transformation is a precious thing. The new Mayor was a Christian and then followed New Hope, Food Banks, Street Angels and Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy. The impact was huge. Crime dropped and there was a sense of feeling safe. All the churches helped and many volunteers. Watford’s reputation became a kind benevolent place. The Chaplaincy
office is soon to move to St.Mary’s church. The Chaplains provide a
calming presence. Many people feel they can share their problems with them when they visit workplaces. God’s appointments to help or pray. God is on the move in Watford through the Holy Spirit.

The Closing Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore, after which the
Final Hymn was Who is on the Lord’s Side.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

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