There was a Church Service on Saturday 25th May 2019

The Service was held in St. Peter’s Church, Watford at 11am as usual.

The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford, who began by reading Psalm 9:1-2
Hymn 1 – Faith of our Fathers
Hymn 2 – Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Hymn 3 – Count your Blessings

Announcements were given by George Henderson
*From Peter Mill. All applications for S.E.P. in Pendine South Wales, must be in by May 31st. Dorm leaders are still needed
*On November 23rd, there is to be an Afro-Caribbean Event held by the London church. Please contact Peter Wilkinson for more details.
*£210 was donated to the Alzheimers Society following the funeral of Peter Buckley.
*After the service next Saturday, there will be a special afternoon tea to say farewell to Chris and Mary Cottee who retire soon and move to Southport. We also say goodbye to Father Pat Folan, who has spoken to us a few years ago. This will begin at 3pm.

READING: Jean Sole then read Romans 5:1-11.

Intercessory prayer was led by Winston Bothwell
*We are thankful that you bless and understand us. We are able to meet here in peace and safety but many Christians are at risk
*Thankyou for your lovely nature all around us at this time of year.
*It is a sad reality that our nation is in so much disunity. We pray for Mrs. May’s well-being and also that things will go well for the new Prime Minister. Please intervene for the right leader to be elected.
*Please help all those seeking employment. The Steelworks in Scunthorpe are closing with many job losses.
*We ask your strength and healing for Carl Cosseti. He has injured his spine in an accident. He will need long term care.
*We thank you so much that Debbie Hindle, Debbie Thomas and Brian Rowe are all making good progress now following illness.
*Please help and heal Winston’s neighbour Kathleen. She will have to stay in hospital for some time with a damaged hip.
*We pray for your continued support for Mike Hustwait as he slowly improves.
*Mike Barlow is unwell today. Please help him to feel better very soon.
*Please help all those taking exams at this time. They need our help and support.
*We hear very bad reports on the news about some Care homes. Please let things improve for everyone as this is a difficult situation for all involved.
*Thank you for the mercy you grant us. Your rule will be here soon to bring peace and prosperity. We leave our prayers in your hands.

Hymn 4 – Come thou Almighty King
Hymn 5 – Blest be the Tie

The Message was given by Irene Wilson. She began by saying if you see something very wrong, you might say that’s terrible. The Scots would say it’s a sin. Romans 5:1-11 is about justification and sin. Irene has had a very painful tooth abcess this week. She blamed her irritable behaviour on the pain. Many years ago when she became very aware of her sin, she thought she needed to get baptised again. Her minister assured her there was no need to. We are responsible for our behaviour, God requires only faith. We must believe the one he sent, Jesus. John 6:29. We are justified by faith and have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1. We must never take this for granted. God could be your worst enemy or your best friend. We stand in grace. Verse 2. God has plans for each of us. We have a hope for the future. It was all sorted before we were born. No uncertainty. It is all taken care of. Thanks be to God.

The Final Hymn was Crown Him with many Crowns, after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

The Watford Young People’s Church was led by Geoff and Jean Sole during the Sermon time. In their lesson they read and discussed the Ladybird book about Joseph. As the story was very well illustrated, the pictures helped to generate questions. Triggered by the illustration of Joseph’s coat painted in several colours, the children made some things out of coloured plasticine at the end of the lesson.

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