There was a Church Service on Saturday 1 June

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

David Silcox welcomed every, especially our two honoured guests, Chris Cottee and Pat Foley. He gave the Announcements which included:
*Dorothy’s brother died yesterday
*The weekly update and Thought for The Week are on the notice board

The Opening Prayer was given by Robin Howard

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  The Church’s One  Foundation
Hymn 2.  Jesus Is The Name We Honour

Speaking of Life this week was Greg Williams on video entitled May The Force Be With You

Hymn 3.  Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer

Intercessory Prayer was offered by James Esom and included:
* Thank you for the many blessings and we think now of those who are struggling and mourning a loss.
*We are grateful that we can meet to worship you and thank you for the church and your son, Jesus, the Church’s foundation
*Be with the Prayer Table and other outreach efforts by the church
*Thank you for and bless the leadership both within this congregation and in the Christian Church
*We think of those persecuted Christians and ask you to bless their example and witness
*We pray for countries experiencing drought and tornados and ask that you would be with the aid and charities that respond to these needs. Thank you for the emergency services who are there to help people
*Be with those that are ill and not able to be here, also those here who may be suffering or facing difficulties
*Thank you for our relationship with Churches Together and ask your blessing on the town’s Christian organisations like New Hope.
*We think at this time of Chris and Pat as they approach retirement. Thank you for their years of Service and we ask you to bless them in the coming years.
*the baby son of Eddie Green has been born with some physical problems and we ask your intervention on his behalf.
*Be with Dorothy and Peter as they grieve her brother’s death. Comfort them with the hope we have in you. Be with Peter’s back as well
*Mike Barlow is not well and we ask your healing for him
Thank you that we can pray and bring these things before you

Hymn 4.  I Stand Amazed In The Presence
Hymn 5.   Because He Lives

There were two Messages today. David Silcox introduced our guest speakers. Chris Cottee of St. Peter’s has been a great friend both personally as to our congregation. He retires in July and moves to Southport with his wife, Mary.
Chris highlighted the relationship and affection of our churches and the sharing in ministry over the years. He said a few words about Father Pat and his participation with churches Together. Philippians 1:8 and I Peter 1:22 speak of the affection and love we have for one another. Chris recalled names of leaders, and some events, meetings and Services we have shared over the years as part of Churches Together and Churches Across Watford. His visual aid of a bicycle wheel was a source of laughter as he punned his wat to his point that the invention and engineering of the bicycle wheel was counter-intuitive—rather than pushing the rim out, it is the pulling it inward that makes it strong: just like Jesus as the hub and his churches not pushing one another out, but pulling together, pulling one another into the centre. The strength of God’s one Church is the affection that binds us together.

David thanked Chris, asking a blessing upon Chris and Mary in their future life before introducing Father Pat Folan. Pat reminisced about hi relationship with Churches Together as well as his early years in the Catholic Church and his awakening to the greater Christian Church and Community. In the 1960s the Catholic Church let the Holy Spirit to change their perspective and approach through Ecumenicalism, and the meaning of the Church in the modern world. Pat’s image of the Church is also like a wheel with all the Christians around the hub—Jesus. Ecumenical means the coming into Christ together. The Holy Spirit is what makes the difference, not our practices: we are all founded on Jesus Christ and move forward in the world under the same banner of Christianity. Keep your eyes on Jesus as we plough our furrow in the field that is ripe for the harvest. Pat finished by saying ‘May the Force be with you all’!

The final Hymn was Onward Christian Soldiers  after which the Closing Prayer was led by Geoff Sole

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the church hall. 

At 3pm those members who could stay on, joined around 60 people from Churches Together for Afternoon Tea in honour of Chris & Mary Cottee and Pat Foley.  There were at least a dozen Churches represented and a wonderful time was enjoyed by all. The tables were beautifully decorated and laden with sandwiches and cakes, while tea and coffee came round a number of times. Irene Wilson, this years’ moderator of Churches Together welcomed everyone and made a short speech honouring Chris & Mary and Pat for their years of service to the Church and thanking them for all they have done in Watford. She presented Chris & Pat with a gift bag and gave Mary a basket of flowers. Chris and Pat made short speeches of thanks.


The Bricket Wood Bible Study took place in the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre at 7:30pm on Friday night 31 May. John Stettaford gave a summing up of our study through 1 John before beginning with an introduction of 2 John.  Next study on 14 June will the be the last for the summer. David Silcox will look at 2 John.  The next study will be some time in September. Refreshments were enjoyed after the Study.

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