There was a Church Service on 15 June 2019 as usual in St. Peter’s at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Pat Newton

Announcements were given by – George Henderson and included:
*Prayers are requested for Peter Quinn in Peterborough. He was taken to hospital with sepsis and dehydration. He is now starting to improve.
*Please also pray for John Low who is seriously ill in a Hospice in Eastbourne.
*James Newby is with his mother who is nearing the end of her life.
*Mike Hustwait is now back home with carers coming in each day.

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford who began by reading Psalm 30 verse 4
Hymn 1 – Lord for the Years
Hymn 2 – Lo he comes with Clouds Descending
Hymn 3 – Love Divine all Loves Excelling

Intercessory Prayer was led by Peter Beardsmore and included:
*It is a privilage to meet here to pray to you.
*We ask you to intervene in the lives of Peter and John who are both very ill. Please bless them and their families and give them help at such a difficult time.
*Please give peace and comfort to James and his mother and help their family through this sad time.
*We pray for Margaret Elliott sister of Dorothy, for you to give her peace of mind as she continues to struggle to cope with speech and eye sight problems. She had a stroke three months ago.
*Please help Mike to settle back into his home again. Please strengthen him so that he will be back at church soon.
*Please guide the choosing of an appropriate person to be the next Prime Minister for the needs of our country at this time. Let it be your will.
*Tankers have been damaged. This is a very serious oil route. Please stabilise the situation.
*There is now an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Aid Agencies can’t go in to help because of the fighting there. Please intervene to prevent the spread of disease.
*We pray for all those who find themselves suddenly unemployed and can wait as long as eight weeks for their benefit payments. We need a Government that is fair and just.
*We know that the only answer to the problems of the world is for Christ to return. Thank you for this service and we bring our prayers to you.
*Help us all to be a light in our lives.

Hymn 4 – Battle Hymn of the Republic
Hymn 5 – The Lord’s My Shepherd

The Sermon was given by Mike Barlow about The Holy Spirit.
In Matthew 17:5 the disciples heard a voice telling them to Listen to his son Jesus. Jesus was guided by his Father’s teachings. John 14:6-7. He told them to keep his commandments and he would ask his Father to give them another helper. Verses 15-16. In verse 26 we read that this Helper is the Holy Spirit. He would teach them all things and bring to remembrance the words of Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is God. Ananias lied to the Holy Spirit in Acts 5:1-5. God is a Triune God. Jesus refers to the Helper as Him and He. John 16:7. He teaches and guides us. Verses 8-13. 1 Corinthians 2:9-16. John 7:37-39. It is a gift enabling us to understand what we hear in church and read in the Bible. We must not let this gift lay dormant but rekindle it and ask for the Holy Spirit to work in us. 2 Timothy 1:6-7. 1 Timothy 4:14-16. This is the way we learn how to live a Christian life of love and concern for others. We learn to love as God loves. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand the mind of God. Don’t neglect it.

The Final Hymn was Onward Christian Soldiers, after which the Closing Prayer was given by James Esom.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

The Bricket Wood Bible Study took place on Friday night 14th June at the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre in the upstairs room. This was the last study before the summer break.  Studies will recommence in September and we will announce the date in due course.

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