There was a Church Service on 22nd June 2019 in St. Peters in Watford at 11am as usual.

The Opening Prayer was given by Winston Bothwell

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson, who began by reading from the book of Psalms:
Hymn 1 – All Creatures of our God and King
Hymn 2 – For the Beauty of the Earth

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*The Galway Festival will be held in the Salthill Hotel September 11-15th. Please contact Joseph Casey for more details.

Hymn 3 – I Love to Tell the Story

Intercessory Prayer was led by – Phillip Halford and included:
*Our Father with Jesus our King beside you. We give you thanks that we can come here each week in peace and safety. We do have love for one another. We look forward to the day when all people will bow their knee before you.
*You know all the things that happen in this world. We pray for you to intervene in the Iran crisis. There is also a crisis in our Government here. Let it be your will who becomes our next Prime Minister.
*We pray for you to help and strengthen those who are ill. Debbie Hindle, Debbie Thomas, Andrew Silcox and Mike Hustwait.
*Rod Channon, Steven Howard, James Esom and Robert Stokes are all seeking employment. Please help them to soon find jobs.
*Many are taking exams at this time and then have an anxious wait for results. Please help and encourage them.
*We know that you love and watch over us. You know all people.May your will be done very soon.

Hymn 4 – God of Grace and God of Glory
Hymn 5 – Who is on the Lord’s Side?

The Message was given by Geoff Sole.
The Theme for this years Adventure Camp will be Charles Haddon Spurgeon. He and others set great examples of how to live a Christian life. William Carey saw a need for Mission work. He told people to attempt great things for God and expect great things from God. John Bunyan was in prison for twelve years and wrote Pilgrims Progress. John Wycliffe translated the Bible into English. John Newton helped abolish slavery. He wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace”. David Livingstone also did a lot to stop slavery in Southern Africa and helped open the door to Christianity there. James Spurgeon was a Minister and so was his son John and grandsons Thomas and Charles. Charles was converted at the age of fifteen when told to look to Jesus and then gave his life to Christ. He read Isaiah 45:22 and 1 Peter 2:7. He became a Minister at age seventeen and became known as “The Preacher”. He had a very powerful speaking voice and everywhere he was sent crowds of people came to hear him. He wrote many sermons which now can be read on the internet. When he spoke at Crystal Palace at the age of twenty three, 24,000 people were there. He was really keen to bring people to Christ. Luke 14:23. He lived the Christian life and wanted to help people. He opened an Orphanage and eventually helped 37.000 children. Spurgeon’s Children’s Charity continues and Geoff brought a collection box for us to give a donation if we wished. Charles also began a College to teach Ministers. We should imitate the examples of these great men as they imitated the examples of great people in the Bible. We should all imitate God and walk in love as God does. Ephesians 5:1.

Adventure Camp will be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Please contact Geoff or Jean Sole for details.

The Final Hymn was Faith of our Fathers, after which the Closing Prayer was given by George Henderson.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall

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