There was a Church Service on 8 June

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Joy Barlow

Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*We have received a card of thanks from Chris & Mary Cottee for the Afternoon Tea and gift
*Winston’s daughter-in-law, Debbie, is home and recovering from her operation
*Mr. Richard Plache has died
*James Newby’s mother is very ill and requests prayers
*Alistair Bell of Edinburgh has been baptised
*Bridlington Festival 14-21 October has a theme of Remembrance and Thanksgiving from Philippians 1:3
*Pentecost Service tomorrow at St. John’s Radlett will begin at 2pm.  There will be an opportunity to give an offering during the Service, and the Service will be followed by Afternoon Tea

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford:
Hymn 1.  The Lord’s My Shepherd-Townend
Hymn 2.  We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer
Hymn 3.  The Solid Rock

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Geoff Sole who mentioned the Global Prayer Initiative-Thy Kingdom Come based on Acts 1 & 2 runs from Ascension to Pentecost:
*We bow our heads in prayer to you, Lord. We hallow your name and know your kingdom will come
*We are your children and in each of us is the seed of your kingdom. Thank you for Jesus Christ who made this possible.  This is truly good news as we celebrate Pentecost tomorrow remembering the giving of the Holy Spirit
*This week reminded us of World War II with the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. We pray for those still suffering the effects of war then and now. We look forward to a time of peace at your return
*Be with persecuted Christians and be with them as they witness in their lives
*Be with our nations’ leaders, the Queen, Prime Minister and President Trump as they meet. We also pray for our church leaders, from Greg Williams, President, down to the local elders and deacons.
*Be with the relatives of Richard Plache and comfort them
*Be with those who are ill, Debbie Thomas, the mother of James Newby and Debbie Hindle as she recovers
*We remember those in spiritual darkness and ask that you would open their minds
*Thank you for the baptism in Edinburgh and ask that you be with Ali
*Bless the preparations for SEP and Adventure Camp
*We thank you for the flowers and the rain

Hymn 4.  There is a Redeemer
Hymn 5.  What A Faithful God Have I

The Sermon was given by Mr. Francis Bergin who began with quotes from two Irishmen about integrity: Fitzpatrick said that without integrity nothing means anything; and Dr. Charles Handley a Shell executive spoke of his father’s legacy and asked what legacy will you leave behind when it is our turn to go?
Real integrity is doing the right thing whether anyone will ever know or not, to your own hurt if necessary.  Proverbs 19:1 says it is better to be poor with integrity than rich without.
People with integrity are truthful, reliable and practice what they preach.  They are dependable and keep their word. People of integrity will be kind.  A small act of kindness can have a huge impact so do it now.  As in the song, ‘Try a little kindness—shine a light for everyone you see.’ For I may never pass this way again. Ephesians 4:22 says be kind and tender-hearted. ‘I have only one life that will soon be past and only what’s done for Christ will last’.

The final Hymn was I The Lord Of Sea And Sky  after which the Closing Prayer was led by George Henderson

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall. 

At the Young People’s Church in Watford on the 8th of June the children looked at the story of Moses. They read themselves many sections of a Ladybird book about him. During the lesson they drew some pictures connected to the story and then made some snakes (Exodus 7:8-12), a burning bush and pyramids, etc out of playdough. The lesson was led by Geoff and Jean Sole.

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