There was a Church Service on 13 July

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

Before the opening prayer a GCI Update video was played with Greg Williams talking about Grace Communion INTERNATIONAL.  Greg was wearing a shirt given to him in Africa with letters G C I printed or woven into the fabric.  It has been ten years since the name change from Worldwide Church of God to Grace Communion International and many things have happened since then including the move of the Headquarters main office from California to North Carolina.  He announced the next International Denominational Conference to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina next summer 29 July-2 August 2020 to which any who can make it are welcome.

The Opening Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Debbie, Winston’s daughter-in-law has taken a turn for the worse and prayers are requested.  Winston is just back from his sister-in-law’s funeral in Ireland. She had fallen and bumped her head and did not recover. Please pray for the family and her husband, Winston’s brother, in particular
*SEP is in the final preparations. They are expecting 73 campers, 32 staff and 9 mini-campers. One third of this years campers have never attended before
*Paul James of Great Baddow died 11 July. Please keep his family in your prayers as not only do they have a sad funeral to arrange and attend, but they are moving house next week.
*A Churches Together Leader’s Breakfast took place this morning in honour of Chris Cottee’s retirement and to say goodbye to Pat Folan as well
*There will be a Communion next Saturday
*Sunday 4th August we host a Churches Together Summer Service here at St. Peters. Do consider attending if you are able
*Erica Tuxworth is going through trials, please keep her in your prayers
*There is a card from Rosemary Stokes thanking us for the birthday flowers

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox, whose theme this week was ‘Blessings’:
Hymn 1.  Bless The Lord Eternal, O My Soul
Hymn 2.  Now Thank We All Our God

Intercessory Prayer was offered by James Esom and included:
*We have so many things to be grateful for, God—from the blue skies to being able to pray as your church, our meetings and fellowship as GCI
*Thank you for our Church leadership, for Greg Williams and our local leadership team here in Watford
*Thank you for our outreach, the Prayer Table out front and Reg Newton’s dedication to setting up and manning it each week
*Young People’s Church for our precious children is a great benefit and we pray that you would bless it and guide the leaders
*We pray for the persecuted Christians highlighted this week in the news
*We pray for the aid agencies that help with disasters around the world, from wars to famines and we thank you for our blessings in the UK
*Mike Hustwait is on our minds as well as Blossom Daly and others in our fellowship who are suffering. You know our desire for their healing and your comfort
*CAW and Churches Together are a blessing to this town and to those who are part of it.  We ask your blessing upon the new lives of Chris and Mary Cottee as they move away from this area.  Bless Pat Folan in his return to Ireland
*Consider the homeless and bless those who have a heart to help them, like New Hope Trust
*SEP is an important outreach and we ask your blessing and guidance upon Pete & Jackie who lead it.  Bless and protect the camp and those travelling to it
*Be with the family of Paul James, comfort and be with them as they mourn and as they move house
*Erica and her family have face so many trials—hold them in your hand and strengthen them
*Winston’s family has also faced many trials.  Just recently the death of winston’s sister-in-law and also his daughter-in-law, Debbie. Be with her family, comfort and support them through their deep valleys

Hymn 3.  Fill Your Hearts With Joy And Gladness

Reading:  Linda Halford read out the beautiful poetry of the words of the Hymn ‘If I Gained The world But Lost The Saviour’

Hymn 4.  We Praise thee, O God, Our Redeemer
Hymn 5.  Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty

The Sermon was given by David Silcox on lessons from Acts2. Although weeks have gone by since Pentecost, many lessons can be learned to the events of that day.
Verse 37 People were MOVED TO ACTION and asked ‘Now what do we do?’
Verse 39 ‘the promise is to you and to your children and to all who are afar off’—these words about repentance, baptism and Christ in us through the Holy Spirit are FOR US
Verse 41 they JOYOUSLY received the word—are we glad to be a part of the church and embrace with enthusiasm our calling
Verse 42 they continued STEDFAST IN DOCTRINE, Acts 17:11 says they received the word with readiness
Verse 42 FELLOWSHIP is a blessing in the church
Verse 42 PRAYER is a key in our personal life but also communal prayer together is part of the Christian life. As in Acts 12 when Peter was put in prison, verse 5 says ‘constant pray was offered to God for him by the church’—they were gathered together praying in verse 12 when Peter, released from prison by an angel of God, knocked at the door—communal prayer is effective!
Verse 44 PRAISE—they met together, sharing in unity, praising God

The final Hymn was Count Your Blessings after which the Closing Prayer was led by Phillip Halford.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the church hall. 

Young People’s Church looked at the subject of honey. They learnt that God’s word is ‘sweeter than honey and the honeycomb’ (Psalm 19:10). They also learnt that ‘pleasant words are as a honeycomb’ (Proverbs 16:24). One of the young people read Judges 14 where it tells us that Samson ate some honey which he took out of a lion’s carcase and then asked the Philistines a riddle about this. During the lesson the young people ate some honeycomb.

Churches Together & Churches Across Watford Leader’s Breakfast

On 14 July there was a retirement party for Chris & Mary Cottee

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