There was a Church Service on 20 July

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

Lovely music was played as a ‘Call To Worship’

The Opening Prayer was given by Geoff Sole

Announcements were given and Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson:
*August 4 is the date for the Churches Together evening summer service, which we will host here at St. Peters beginning 6:30. See Sueann for a list of the other Summer Services in august
*Daria Fowler announces that the Luton Ladies Day will be on 14 September this year from 10:30am to 4pm and will include lunch.  Please let Dorothy Beardsmore know if you are planning to be there
*Prayers are requested for Ann Shotliff
*Camberwell Congregation invite you to a Afro-Caribbean evening on 23 November
*Plans and preparations are advancing for the Paignton Festival which will be 14-21 October with the welcome service on Sunday evening 13 October

Sueann read Galatians 4:4-7 before the hymns. This says God sent his Son that we can be sons and heirs:
Hymn 1.  There Is A Redeemer

The Communion Service was led by David Silcox, who introduced it saying, the origins go back to the night with Jesus at the Lord’s supper introducing the bread which represented himself as the bread of life, and the wine which was his blood shed for us. He said to do this in remembrance. As we remember the Sacrifice of Jesus, we also remember our Christian walk and calling. John 13:31-33 includes Jesus teaching things to remember into the future—a new commandment to love as Jesus loved and on into John 14 with ‘don’t be troubled’ because he would dwell in us through the Holy Spirit, the comforter.  Jesus was the one guaranteeing the future. After a Prayer of blessing over the bread and wine—symbols of pain, love and grace, David and Cliff Neill broke the bread and presented the elements for people to come forward and receive

Hymn 2And Can It Be

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Irene Wilson, who commented, we can send men to the moon but still can’t live in peace—the Prince of Peace is coming so let’s talk to him about our hopes, fears and give him praise:
*You delight in our praise and prayers, Father, you understand and love us
*We bring those we carry in our hearts as we come before you, the creator of the universe—Ann shotliff—we ask you to heal, comfore and free her from pain; Margaret Elliott who suffers so many health issues right now—comfort her as she awaits your healing; Debbie, Winston’s dauther-in-law—be with her and her family through these trials; Blossom Daley and Mike Hustwait—be with them in their senior years, help them to feel loved. Many sitting here are retired and face issues of aging
*Those dealing with work issues, unemployment, office politics, etc. give them wisdom, patience and help them to set a Christian example
*This week we read of ships under threat in the Persian Gulf and we pray for sanity and peace
*The predicted coming heat wave can cause disaster and suffering—we pray for people to be wise and safe
*Chris and Mary Cottee are moving this week.  We give thanks for their service over the years and ask a blessing on them in their future life.  We pray that St. Peter’s will find a suitable pastor
*We thank and praise you for this wonderful gift of prayer, that we can meet in peace and safety to talk to you in his name

Hymn 3.  Every Promise

Reading: Peter Beardsmore read Luke 23:26-34 in the NCV Bible

The Message was given by Cliff Neill on the subject of forgiveness.
The reading contained the amazing act of sacrificial love that the Communion reminds us of—love, sacrifice, victory and forgiveness.
When I forgive someone
I set a captive free
And that captive is me!
Forgiveness is the power of God through us to release to joy, peace and freedom both the forgiven and those who forgive. Colossians 3:12-15 calls us the elect of God, holy and beloved of God and tell us to put on kindness, to forgive as Christ forgave you.  Love is the bond that holds all together.  As he was being crucified Jesus was thinking, not of the pain, but forgiveness!  Forgiveness is a tool God uses to set people free.
Cliff gave some examples of forgiveness and consequences from the bible.  Jacob & Esau in Exodus 32 & 33 show humility, forgiveness and reconciliation. 
ChangED people, change people!
Forgiven people, forgive people
Joseph was another example in genesis 45.  Judah betrayed and sold Joseph just as Judas betrayed and sold Jesus!.  Forgiveness takes away guilt while lack of forgiveness destroys us. If we forgive 70×7 this is every two minutes in a 16 hour day!  Don’t have a calculator heart!  Love is a lifetime of forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit.  It is what we are in Jesus—we are forgivers.  If you want to live in joy, forgive others

The final Hymn was Meekness And Majesty after which the Closing Prayer was led by David Silcox

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the church hall. 

Young People’s Church considered how the music of David calmed King Saul. Consequently various hymns from CDs were played and some DVD hymns from the Albert Hall were shown and listened to. All of these were discussed. SEP and Adventure Camp were also talked about.

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