There was a Church Service on Saturday 10 August 2019

The Service was in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am

The Opening Prayer was given by Reg Newton

Hymns were led by George Henderson, who began by reading various scriptures to sing, praise God and rejoice.
Hymn 1 – For all the Saints
Hymn 2 – Crown Him with Many Crowns

Announcements were given by Irene Wilson, and included:
*The funeral of Paul James will be held on Tuesday 13th August at 11.30. Please pray for his family and friends.
*Following an operation for bowel cancer, Stuart Foster is now at home. He is very weak and will need hemotherapy. He and his wife Marlene thank everyone for their cards and prayers. Please continue to pray for his family.

Hymn 3 – Here is Love
Hymn 4 – All Heaven Declares

Intercessory Prayer was led by Sueann Henderson and included:
*Great God in heaven, maker and sustainer. We thank you that you provide us with all we need. Your son’s sacrifice imputes to us his righteousness.
*We remember all those worldwide who can’t meet in peace and safety. Please give them courage in dangerous situations. Help us to reach out to the world. Only you can solve its problems.
*Thank you for the success of S.E.P. Please let all who attended hold on to the memories and encourage them to see the picture of who we serve.
*We pray for the Watford town Chaplaincy and all the hospital volunteers.
*Street Angels will be out tonight in Watford and on Thursday when the young people get their exam results. Please give everyone peace.
*We pray for our local and national Government, our Prime Minister and Parliament. Please give them wisdom at this difficult time.
*We thank you for our own Ministry Team and for James Henderson here today. Please also give them wisdom.
*We pray for those who are ill. Please give Marlene and Stuart faith and trust and support for their family.
*Please encourage both Debbie Hindle and Debbie Thomas who are having chemo.
*Margaret Elliott needs your help to speak and see properly again. Please encourage her to make progress.
*We also pray for all those who do have ongoing health problems. You know all about them.
*Please guide the funeral of Paul James and let all family and friends understand the vision for the future and the hope we have in Christ.
*We ask you to find Laura who is missing in Malaysia. Please give her family hope and help.
*We pray for all those injured or grieving in Dayton and El Paso and show them that the answer is in you.
*Please calm the serious situation in India and Pakistan.
*We need your Holy Spirit to fill this whole Earth. We know we can put our hope and trust in you and your plan will succeed.

Hymn 5 – There is a Redeemer

Linda Halford read Ephesians 4:1-7 and 11-13.

The Message was given by James Henderson about love. The verb to love. We need to know that we are loved, we have been loved and we will be loved. Jesus loves each of us. The leaders of our world and our church should be servants. Today there is lack of respect for people or their office. Sometimes it happens in our church but we should
always show proper respect. James read a verse from the song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters“. Sometimes he has to assign a person to a certain job, such as a Pastor. He pbserves that person’s lifestyle before making a decision. He needs someone who will bring peace, joy and be able to
put people at ease. Jesus should be central in our lives. Whatever we do, should be done not only for ourselves, but for Jesus. Churches are involved in redemptive work. Ministry is about the gospel of Christ and we are fellow workers. Some are worthy of double honour. 1 Timothy 5:17. Young and old should always set an example. 4:12. Even if some leave our fellowship, the gospel is never preached in vain. 1 Thessalonians 2:1. We are entrusted with the gospel and preach Christ crucified and resurrected. Our faith grows and we begin to love one another. God became flesh and dwelt among us. No-one is superior. We must live lives worthy of our calling into his Kingdom even if it sometimes requires sacrifice on our part. Our congregation is like a ship and we sail on together surrounded by love.  God loves us and we love others. 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13.

The Final Hymn was Take my Life and Let it Be after which the Closing Prayer was given by Irene Wilson.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.


Grace Communion Watford hosted one of the Churches Together in Watford and Garston Summer Evening Services in our usual venue at St. Peters. This Service was held on Sunday 4th August with about 30 attending and many other Churches represented. David Silcox led hymns and Irene Wilson gave a message based on the Watford Shield and Motto ‘BE BOLD‘. Almost everyone came through for refreshments afterwards.

The Last CT Summer Service will be at Garston Community Church on Sunday 8th at 6:30 and all are welcome.

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