There was a Church Service on 3 August

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom

Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*David was pleased to help with three ordinations in Manchester last week, Zigmundt Bartosz was ordained an Elder, while John & Maureen Hanlon were ordained as Deacon and Deaconness. It was a pleasure to be able to be a part of this ceremony as we had spent eight years in the Manchester area in the 1980s. Maureen, of course, used to attend here in Watford and a card of congratulations is here to be signed for her and John.
*SEP is halfway through with 73 campers, 33 staff and 10 mini-campers
*Stuart Foster is recovering from his emergency surgery and prayers for his healing would be appreciated
*Pat Arnold of the Cardiff congregation fell and needs prayers
*Debbie Thomas update with her on-going chemo for cancer, keep praying!
*Tomorrow evening we host one of the August Churches Together summer Services here at 6:30pm with refreshments after—please come if you can
*The Thought For The Week was read and is on the noticeboard as well as on this website Thought For The Week Page.

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox with a theme of Life Is An Adventure:
Hymn 1.  By Faith
Hymn 2.  Standing On The Promises

Speaking of Life this week was Anthony Mullins on video entitled You Had To Be There Anthony is a GCI Elder in the US and the National Coordinator of the Intern, Pastoral Resident and Coaching Programmes for Grace Communion International.

Nancy showed some slides of SEP this year at Morfa Bay Adventure Wales located within the seaside village of Pendine in Carmarthenshire, on the border to the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park. SEP has been going for one week and has one more week to go. 3 & 4 August are the visitors days. Some of the activities they may be enjoying are: archery, axe throwing, bush craft, caving, coasteering, gorge walking, land yachting, surfing and many others.  Each day begins with worship, as god is at the beginning, in the centre and at the end of what we do as Christians  If you go to you can click the ‘f’ in the top right hand corner which will take you to facebook where you can see photos and read about what they are doing.  Ignore the notice that comes up saying you have to join facebook or sign in—just scroll down and you will see what is there.

Hymn 3.  Be Thou My Vision
Hymn 4.  Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Peter Beardsmore began with an update on Margaret Elliott, Dorothy’s sister, which has had two strokes. Her recovery this time is very slow and discouraging so she very much needs our prayers.
*We live in such peace and tranquillity. We thank you for the freedoms that we enjoy—we are so blessed
*Thank you for SEP and the good weather they have had. Please continue to give them good weather and good health. Bless the activities and experiences they have there, with your protection.
*We pray for your healing and intervention for Stuart
*We pray a blessing on Pat in Wales, to heal her back injury
*You are totally in charge and we pray for ongoing intervention for Debbie in Northampton
*For Margaret Elliott we pray that you would bless and heal—help her to be able to speak and communicate
*We read about the floods and water levels that are causing trauma in Derbyshire and other places and ask you to protect and help them as they deal with the dams and flooding
*We pray for our new Prime Minister and ask that you bould bless and guide him, that the outcome will e what is best for Europe and for your Church

Hymn 4.  The Lord’s My Shepherd (townend)

The Message was given by Barry Robinson who began by mentioning that his daughter, Hannah, is getting married next week! He also asked that we would please pray for God’s guidance for the NMT, for His vision and leadership
Prayer is intrinsically linked with the Holy Spirit.  Acts 1:12-14 and 2:42 says the early church continued in prayer. The Spirit brings us into sonship and helps us in our weakness interceding for us Romans 8:15-27. Verse 15 doesn’t make you slaves in fear but to sonship by HIM—the Holy Spirit—we cry, Abba, Father!  We are going to explore five things that this passage shows us:
1—Prayer is primal—it is at the root and beginning of our Christian journey.  Abba is a name an infant calls their father—like the first word-dada! Prayer is foundational and a basic need to be linked to God. It is intimate and does not have an ulterior motive of desires, bribery or manipulation as some prayers do. Mat 6:5 prayer is a private, intimate time
2—Prayer is Real—Romans 8:15 by Him we cry.  It is not a tool to get what you want or to avoid sorrow, it is not a duty, rote or ineffectual wishing. Verse 19 but is earnest and vs 22 expresses our groanings. Christians suffer as well as non-Christians.  God does not save us FROM but saves us THROUGH our trials.  Although all experience crying and groaning, HOW we do is the purpose.  The Spirit intercedes, comforts, guides and gives us strength to go through trials. Prayer is a refiners fire—through it we grow into the image of Jesus. An infant at birth experiences shock of pain, cold, discomfort as they are brought out of darkness into light—it is all for their well-being. They are being born through adversity and this is the picture of the Christian life, the pangs of childbirth mentioned in verse 22
3—Prayer is positional verse 15 Abba, Father, puts us in a relationship with God.  With a boss our relationship is based on performance but with our Heavenly Father the relationship is based on grace—family and love. God is unconditionally committed to each of his children and will never leave us or forsake us—he does not disinherit or disown, no matter what your sins.  Jesus has lived the life we should have lived for us and died the death we should have died so that we can life. Romans 8:27-39 nothing can separate us from his love—our position is guaranteed
4—Prayer is Experiential verses 15 & 16 the experience of knowing him as our father.  We sense it and experience our sonship. Like a son walking by his father, when he is picked up and hugged he experiences it although he is just as much a son when walking.
5—Prayer is Communal not just private. Acts 12 shows the miraculous answer to the communal prayers of the church for Peter in prison

The final Hymn was Onward Christian soldiers  after which the Closing Prayer was led by Phillip Halford

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the church hall. 

There was no Young People’s Church today because of SEP.

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