There was a Church Service on Saturday 17 August 2019

The Service took place in St. Peters in Watford as usual at 11am

The Opening Prayer was given by Robin Howard

Announcements were given by Phillip Halford and included:
*Stuart Foster is back in hospital. He is very seriously ill. Please pray for him and his family.
*Peter Alter died last week.
*Peter Mill thanks everyone for their prayers for S.E.P. All went very well and the young people returned home tired and inspired.
*Please pray for a successful Board Meeting tomorrow.

Hymns were led by Linda Halford, who began by reading Psalm 150–Praise the Lord!
Hymn 1 – Immortal Invisible
Hymn 2 – Be Still
Hymn 3 – What a Friend we have in Jesus

Intercessory Prayer was led by Geoff Sole and included:
*We thank our Eternal God for safety to meet here to worship your Holy name. Thank you for our calling and for the sacrifice of Jesus to take away our sins. Your Holy Spirit is in each of us.
*Many people don’t know you yet. Please open their eyes and let them have a relationship with you. Help us to increase the love in our hearts.
*We pray for the families of Peter Alter and Paul James. Please give them your peace and comfort.
*We pray for all those in need of your healing power. Stuart Foster and his wife Marlene. Pat Arnold. Please take away her pain. Cliff Neill, Mike Hustwait, Debbie Thomas and Ann Shotliffe.
*Harry Sullivan has had a successful cataract operation. Thank you.
*Alex Wisdom was baptised during the sea in Wales.
Thank you that everything went so well there.
*Next weekend Adventure Camp takes place for the younger children. Please bless them with a safe and happy camp. Physically and spiritually.
*We pray for Greg Williams and all our church leadership. Please bless the meeting of the Board tomorrow.
*There is violence in many parts of this world. Please help those who grieve and those injured. Help all world leaders to try to bring peace.
*Jesus please return and bring your Kingdom.

Hymn 4 – I Cannot Tell
Hymn 5 – My Shepherd will Supply my Needs

Reading – Stephen Howard read from Genesis 18 about the Lord’s visit to Abraham.

The Message was given by Irene Wilson. Proof of Abraham’s existence has been verified in recent times. God made a promise to Abraham that he would become a father of many nations. Genesis 17:4-6. God called Abraham his friend. Isaiah 41:8. James 2:23. We are supposed to be hospitable people as Abraham was. Romans 12:13. Without grumbling. 1 Peter 4:9. When we get together to share a meal with others, it can be one of our happiest times in life. Abraham showed great hospitality to three men who visited him on a very hot day when he was aged ninety-nine. One of them was the Lord. They sat in the shade of a terebinth tree, their feet were washed and they were given bread. Genesis 18:1-5. God had appeared to Abraham in the form of a man. Jesus is a descendant of Abraham. Matthew 1:1. Jesus himself was not welcomed there at that time. Verses 16 and 22. Do we welcome Jesus and spend time with him? Abraham served the Lord. We can at least offer someone a cup of tea. Malachi 1:6-14. Hebrews 10:31. Abraham did not waver in his faith but gave God the glory. We should be thankful for Abraham and copy him so that we can be called friends of Jesus. The world needs to know about salvation. A meal will be prepared for us one day. Isaiah 25:6. In the future it will be our turn to sit with the Lord
at a banquet. Bon Appetit.

The Final Hymn was Praise to the Lord the Almighty, after which the Closing Prayer was given by George Henderson.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.



SEP finished on 9th August. Here is a report from Pete Mill, the Camp Chaplain, whose wife Jackie is Camp Director:

Many thanks for your prayers for SEP 2019. It was a genuinely lovely, peaceful and safe camp with a very impressive group of campers this year. We developed a great relationship with the Morfa Bay staff who are very keen for us to come back next year. 

Spiritually, there were a lot of valuable lessons learned for both campers and staff – the theme this year being ‘resilience’ and how developing important life skills and dependence on Jesus can help you successfully navigate life’s ups and downs. 

The campers enjoyed some different activities offered by the coastal location, such as coasteering, coastal walks and body boarding. One highlight was the baptism in the sea of Alex Wisdom.

SEP continues to have an international flavour with campers and staff from Australia, America, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Holland and of course Wales! We are looking forward to SEP 2020 already.

Please check out SEP’s facebook page for photos and more information about what happened at SEP 2019 at (a facebook account is not required).

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