There was a Church Service on 21 September

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by George Henderson, who continued on with –

Announcements and these included:
*Alistair Bell needs urgent prayers
*Margaret Pettigrew had a fall and needs prayers
*Debbie Hindle is not expected to live much longer. She and Sam would have been married today but she may not be strong enough. Winston is not here today as he is there with the family. Please continue to pray that God’s will be done in her life.
*Mike Hustwait’s funeral is Wednesday 25th at 1:20 in the North Chapel of the Crematorium with refreshments afterwards here at St. Peter’s.
*The GCI President’s update is on the Bulletin Board

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  Standing On The Promises
Hymn 2.  God Will Make A Way

Special Music preceeding Intercession: My Dwelling Place (audio by Getty)

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Peter Beardsmore who asked people to join him as he prayed prayers of intercession for people and situations we would like to bring to God this morning. Prayers included:
*We especially want to remember Debbie Hindle who was to be married today to Sam bothwell but is in the last stages of cancer. You love every individual God, and we would like to ask for her to be pain free and give her and her family peace.
*Ali Bell has been an excellent example of your way to those around him and we ask that you please bring your healing an comfort and will in his life
*Margaret Pettigrew who fell and broke her ankle needs your healing
*Sue Pankhurst died suddenly, and we ask that you comfort her family and give them peace and hope. Sue was to have replaced Irene Wilson next year as Churches Together Moderator in this area.
*We see the terrible devastation in the Bahamas from the hurricane. Please be with the Aid Agencies as they help people rebuild their homes and their lives. Be with those affected to give them peace and hope.
*The Middle East is full of tension after the attach on Saudi Arabia. We don’t take sides but put the situation in your hands with hearts full of concern for those affected
*We thank you for the peace and freedom we enjoy and ask that your will be done through the political turmoil even in this country

Hymn 3.  God Will Take Care Of You
Hymn 4.  A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Speaking of Life this week Joseph Tkach on video entitled Take Up Your Cross

Hymn 4.  By Faith

The Sermon was given by David Silcox entitled “You Must Be Joking!” or ‘I Don’t Believe It’, both expressions of incredulity or amazement as well as doubt. Genesis 18 contains the story related about Sarah as she laughed when she heard that she was to have a baby in her very old age. This story teaches us a number of lessons including:
*What God has in store for us is so amazing we are sometimes incredulous, doubting or fearful
*Nothing is too hard for the Lord
*God perhaps chose to do this in their old age so to increase their faith
*God perhaps chose to do this in their old age to provide a miracle and parallel type of Christ, who was also a child of promise and a miracle.
*God doesn’t abandon us even when doubt or sin occurs but blesses and us and uses us despite and sometimes through our doubt and sin
God does as he plans and nothing can prevent his will in our lives He loves and delights in keeping his promises and bringing us joy and Life.

The final Hymn was It Is Well With My soul after which the Closing Prayer was led by Irene Wilson

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall. 


The BRICKET WOOD BIBLE STUDY took place on Friday night, 20th September at 7:30pm in the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre upstairs room. David Silcox led the study through the book of III John. The small group enjoyed fellowship and refreshments following the Bible Study. The next Bible Study will be led by John Stettaford on the book of Jude on Friday night, 11 October at 7:30pm. Anyone is welcome to join us at anytime.

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