There was a Church Festival Service on Wednesday, 9 October 2019.

The Service was held in St. Peter’s at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmre.

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Hymn 2. Be Not Afraid, My People
Hymn 3. Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone

Introduction to the Offering was given by David Silcox
Offering Music was a video of the song ‘He Who Begun A Good Work In You’ by Steve Green
Blessing over the Offering was asked by Phillip Halford

Hymn 4. The Lord’s My Shepherd (Townend version)

Speaking of Life Video was by Greg Williams entitled ‘Hinder

Hymn 5. At One With God

The Message was given by David Silcox who began by mentioning that Joan Millman had fallen and was not doing well and Gillian Stevens is quite ill and not able to attend the Festival in Paignton this year.
David pondered on we learn from the Day of Atonement. Referring to Leviticus 16, he looked at the ceremonies of that day in the old testament that point to Christ.
Verse 5 shows the sacrifices comes from the people, with his lineage recorded in the Gospels—Jesus came as a human and so he was from the people and for the people. He was the ultimate offering of verses 9-11.
Verse 11, Aaron was to bring the offering and in verse 15 he kills the goat of the sin offering—killed by the people—the penalty for sin: a type of the death and shed blood of Jesus.
This sacrifice was done every year because sins separated them from God and the Atonement sacrifice ‘covered’ their sins once a year. The sacrifice of Jesus was once for all so we have access to God at all times. Our sins are not a barrier between us and God—they are removed by the sacrifice of Jesus. Verses 20-22 can be read either way with the sins confessed over the goat and sent away, can be Satan who instigates sin and therefore bears them, or Christ who bears them for us in perpetuity. Spurgeon thinks this only represents sins removal so that sin is no longer a barrier between God and the people.
The goat did not do anything to deserve either death or banishment—symbolism of Jesus sinless sacrifice.
Verse 27 done outside the camp, as Jesus was crucified outside the city. They burn the skins, flesh and dung—representing the total sacrifice of Jesus who gave his all and verse 28 those who carried and burned the sacrifices must wash and cleanse themselves. Sin is a disgusting thing.
The purpose of these ceremonies was so that they could be restored to relationship with God and so they could understand Jesus and his sacrifice.
Why fasting? Fasting is not the purpose or object of the day. It should not be the focus on the day which misses the point. Isaiah 58:6 fasting brings home the terrible pains and price of sin. It is to remember the burdens of sin and the terrible price for sin. We are reconciled to God by the death of his Son and saved by his life.

The final Hymn was Because He Lives after which the Closing Prayer was led by Roger Fowler.

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