• Opening Prayer – James Esom

    Hymns led by – George Henderson

    Hymn 1 – Amazing Grace.

    Hymn 2 – What a Friend we have in Jesus.

    Announcements led by George Henderson

    Eunice Loveridge has died. Please pray for her daughter Judith and family.

    Phillip Halford, who has been ill for some time with an infection, has
    been diagnosed with renal failure. He is in hospital and will now
    undergo dialysis. Linda has had the cast removed from her arm but still
    can’t drive yet. Please pray for them both and all of their family.

    Heidi Steer requests prayers for her mum Jill. She had a bad fall and is
    very bruised. Jill also has serious eye problems and high blood pressure.

    Margaret Channon also fell this week and had to have stitches in the
    rback of her head. Please pray for her and Rod.

    Winston Bothwell then made a short speech about fellow deacon and friend
    Robin Howard who he first met  in Bricket Wood in 1962 and has been
    friends ever since. Today he was able to present Robin and Eileen with a
    gift from our church for Robin’s 80th birthday!

    Hymn 3 – Be Still.

    Intercessory Prayer led by Sueann Henderson.

    We are so thankful to be here in safety to worship you. Many worldwide
    cannot. We know you and can have a relationship with you.

    Thankyou for the long service of Robin and Eileen and all those who have
    served this congregation over the years. Please help our lives to be a
    living sacrifice for you and each other.

    We should all pray for this world, which  has lost its way. People just
    decide for themselves what is good and evil. We need to change our ways
    as we misuse your planet. Many of the problems are caused by
    selfishness. We pray for the people affected by fires in Australia and
    floods in ths country.

    As this country  prepares for an Election, we pray that you will help
    all leaders to realise that they need to turn back to you, as they have
    rejected you.

    Phillip is in a very serious condition and we pray for you to pour out
    your healing power for him.

    We also ask you healing help for Debbie Thomas, David Plumley, Margaret
    and Jill.

    We are pleased that Gillian Stevens is improving now and we thank you.

    Joan Millman is now reaching the end of her life. Please give her peace
    and comfort and help for her family.

    Please also help and comfort the family of Eunice Loveridge in their grief.

    Many of us in this congregation have ageing problems. You know who they
    are and we ask your help for them.

    Thankyou Father for all you do for us.

    Hymn 4 – All I Once Held Dear.

    Hymn 5 – There is a Redeemer.

    The Message was given by – Geoff Sole

    Geoff has travelled all over the world to visit our churches.
    He always takes photos and showed us an update and talked about each
    one. He went through the countries in alphabetical order and his
    grand-daughter Zoe (aged 7), pointed out each country for us on a giant
    plastic globe from memory. (With a bit of help from Dad Tim).
    Most of these countries hold Life Clubs. Some hold Adventure Camps and
    some we  help with our donations. The countries are Angola. Bangladesh
    which also trains Nursing Assistants, runs a school and a Bible College.
    Burundi. Democratic Republic of Gongo. Ghana, where they have 100
    children in a choir. India. Kenya. Madagascar. Malawi where there is a
    new church building in progress. Churches are growing in the
    Netherlands. Then we have New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, Uganda, Zambia
    and Zimbabwe. Geoff has recently attended a church conference in South
    Africa. He took photos of their animals and birds. Alexander also aged 7
    who has visited that country, told us the name of each one in a loud
    clear voice. Grace Communion International is to work towards being a
    Healthy Church by 2025. We must build our foundation  on the rock,
    Jesus. Matthew 7:24-27.
    1 Corinthians 3:10-11. 1 Thessalonians 5:11. We must build, strengthen
    and develop our Faith, Hope and Love. These three words overlap each
    other in the following sciptures.The greatest of these is love. 1
    Corinthians 13:13. Romans 5:1-5. 1 Thessalonians 1:3. Galations 5:5-6.
    Colossians 1:1-5.

    Final Hymn – All Heaven Declares.

    Closing Prayer – Irene Wilson.

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