There was a Church Service on 28th December 2019

The Service was held at St. Peter’s Church Watford at 11am as usual.

The Opening Prayer was given by Robin Howard

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson
Hymn 1 – Holy Holy Holy
Hymn 2 – I will Sing the Wondrous Story

Announcements were given by Kevin Harris and included:
*Daria Fowler invites everyone to the Luton Quiz night on February 1st. The service will begin at 3pm and a meal at 6pm before the quiz. Please give your names to Peter or Dorothy Beardsmore.
*Roddy Hickson has died. His funeral will be held on Monday 30th December. The details are available. Please pray for his wife and family.
*Mrs.Richards in Birmingham has died. Her funeral will be held in January.
*Please pray for Fred Darlison and his daughter Marlene Foster.
Fred is in hospital following an operation for a broken hip. He should
be resting but due to dementia he doesn’t understand and walks about. If
he falls again it could mean another operation.
*Irene Tibbenham has been in hospital this week with a suspected heart
condition. She is now recovering at home.
*Ron Hitchcock is now in a Care home. We will be sending him a card.

Before the next hymn Sueann read from Psalm 28.
Hymn 3 – Lord I come before your Throne of Grace

Intercessory Prayer was led by Peter Beardsmore and included:
*Loving Heavenly Father, this has been a tumultuous year and many people
fear the next. You are in control of everything. Nothing happens without your permission. You even know when a sparrow falls.
*We have a new Government and a new Prime Minister. Please give them wisdom in their decisions. Please bless our relationship with the EU as we depart from them. Let us continue to be able to meet in peace and safety to worship you.
*Please intercede and send rain on Australia and put out the fires there.
*We pray for David Philo, disabled son of Martin and Wendy. He has twice been in hospital recently but the staff don’t know why he is unwell as he can’t tell them. Please heal him swiftly and then all can see him smile again.
*Richard Frankel has requested prayers as he is to have a hernia operation today. Please let all go well and he will make a good recovery.
*Please restore Irene Tibbenham to full health again.
*Please bring comfort and peace to the family of Roddy Hickson.
*Give strength and encouragement to Marlene and her family and please let
her dad realise that he must try and rest to help his broken hip mend.
*We all hope that Ron Hitchcock will settle well into his Care Home and
please let him have the very best care.
*We leave our prayers with you with every confidence.

Sueann read from Psalm 16 before leading the next hymns:
Hymn 4 – Go Forth and Tell
Hymn 5 – Trust and Obey

The Message was given by John Stettaford. Many in this congregation have been here a long time and have a profound knowledge of scripture and can remember past events in this church. The first temple to be built for God was when Solomon was King. It was destroyed, but in later years God had a second temple built. When the people laid its foundation, some of them wept because they could remember the magnificence and glory of Solomon’s Temple. The priests and Levites stood in their apparel, played musical intruments and sang. Ezra 3:10.
Haggai had said that this latter temple would be greater than the former. Haggai 2:9. This second temple though was just a rectangular building with a curtain in front, nothing like Solomons. How could it be greater? The first Temple was filled with God’s glory. This one was just a substitute. This is a lesson for us today. Herod had added to this building but it was not as grand as Solomons. Jesus himself walked in this building. John 10:23. He was its glory.
We people are under construction also. We are built on the foundation. 1 Peter 2:5. Living stones. Our role in the future will be ruling with Christ in his Kingdom. We are the third Temple. A work in progress. 1 Corinthians
6:19. 3:10-16. We have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Verse 16. Romans 8:14-16. We were chosen before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 1:3-4. God will finish this construction work in us. We must keep faith, hope and trust in our Master builder. It will be worth it in the end.

The Final Hymn was At the Name of Jesus after which the Closing Prayer was given by  Mike Barlow.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

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