There was a Church Service on 7th December 2019

The Service was held at 11am in St. Peters Watford as usual.

The Opening Prayer was given by Pat Newton

Hymns were led by George Henderson who began by reading John 1:1-14 The light that shines in the darkness. Verse 5.
Hymn 1 – Angels from the Realms of Glory
Hymn 2 – O Come O Come Immanuel

Announcements were given by George and included:
*There was an article in a Yorkshire local newspaper about one of our church Ministers Denis Fell. He runs a Care Farm for many people who have various limitations. He holds a service on his farm each week and they now have a choir which takes a big part in the worship. They also have made a video. Please pray for everyone involved.
*Phillip Halford is now home and improving but has to attend the hospital
Out Patients.
*If you wish to attend any of the Churches Together services over the Advent period, please collect a yellow booklet with all the details from the back of St.Peter’s church.
*One of the gardens next year at the Chelsea Flower Show will be based on
Psalm 23.

Hymn -3 – Once in Royal David’s City

Intercessory Prayer was led by Irene Wilson and included:
*There can be many troubles in the world at this time of year. Please give people wisdom and guidance.
*Thank you for being here, you bring calm and peace. You are the Prince of Peace.
*Many people are ill and we ask for your healing, comfort and encouragement for all of them.
*Bereavement leaves scars. Please strengthen all who grieve and give them the hope for the future.
*We rejoice at the success of the Care Farm. Please help all the staff and encourage more to take part.
*Please quench the flames near Sidney. There is a threat to people’s homes. Please help all those at risk.
*This is a momentous week for our country. We pray for your Divine will
to be done.
*Irene asks us to pray for a tragedy that has happened in this area to a little girl called Grace. Please bring her family close to you.
*Street Angels are out tonight. Please let people feel your love through them.
*Fractured families, hungry and homeless people. The lost in this world.
Come Lord Jesus. Thy Kingdom Come.

Hymn 4 – Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Hymn 5 –  O Come all Ye Faithful

The Message was given by Anthony Dady. In Isaiah 40 we read of the way of the Lord being prepared. In the Old Testament we read that most of the Kings did evil in sight of the Lord. King Josiah did what was right getting rid of their false gods and practices. The people had hope that a Deliverer was coming in the future. The first coming of our Saviour Jesus. We read in Revelation 21:4 that one day in the future there will be no more sorrow, crying or death.
The first signs of a New Covenant are found in Jeremiah 31-34. Following their rebellion against God, he gave them a Divine promise. We can only imagine now how different the world would be if all people were Christians. Many today are filled with hopelessness and despair and the future looks bleak. We have the knowledge that one day God will sort thing out. In this dark world we must shed light. We should be filled with positivity and joy. Having God in our life changes us and we should produce the fruits of his Holy Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23. God wants to comfort his people. Isaiah 40:1. We are like grass but the word of God stands forever. Verses 6-8. He is like a shepherd, verse 11 and Psalm 23. John the Baptist was the man chosen to prepare the way of the Lord. Mark 1:2-8. Gospel means Good News. The people who John baptised were very excited with the anticipation of great times ahead. God had revealed to Simeon and Anna that they would see the baby Jesus the Messiah, before they died. Such wonderful news. Luke 2:25-39. God has also revealed this good news to us. Jesus was born, died and was resurrected. John 3:16. We look forward to his second coming when we will all be in God’s presence. We should share this news at this time of year.

The Final Hymn was Joy to the world after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

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