There was a Church Service on 8th February 2020 at 11am in St. Peter’s Church as usual.

The Opening Prayer was given by Irene Wilson

Hymns were led by George Henderson after reading Psalm 96:
Hymn 1 – Thine be the Glory
Hymn 2 –The Church’s One Foundation

Announcements were given by Kevin Harris, and included:
*Richard Fowler is organising a trip to London to see a stage production about the story of Moses. It will be in April and the tickets will cost £25-£35. Please contact Richard if you would like to go.
Pete Mill and his team are developing a new website for the Because magazine. They would like more people to write articles. If you would be interested then please contact Pete for more details.
*Winston and Cathy Bothwell are very pleased to announce the birth of their first great grandchild. Miles James Winston was born last Wednesday 5th February.
*Phillip Halford and Joan Esom are now home from hospital. Please continue to pray for them.
*Margaret Woolston of the Luton church will be 90 years old on the 12th February. A card was signed for her from this congregation.

Hymn 3 – Be Still

Intercessory Prayer led by James Esom who began by reading Philippians 4:4-6 and included:
*We thank you that we can come here to pray to our Creator.
*We thank you for our church leaders here and around the world.
Also for our church Council here in Watford.
*We pray for the many problems in this world. Thank you for the heavy rain now in Australia which is putting out the fires. Please help those now in the floods.
*We ask you to help stop the Coronavirus spreading and aid those trying to find a cure.
*Please remove the tensions in so many countries with wars and famines and bring peace.
*We need a Government here of integrity and stability. We do thank you for all we have here and especially our Emergency Services.
*This has been a very cold week and we think of those who are homeless. There are many reasons to cause people to lose their homes and we are grateful for the work of New Hope in Watford.
*We are very grateful for Richard, Geoff and Jean who teach and help our young people. They have stress and pressures at school and bad influences on-line. Our church family can help them.
*There are many people here with different problems. We are thankful that Phillip and Joan are now at home, but Jill Newman remains in hospital. We pray to you for their swift healing. We ask your continued help for their families. We also ask your help for David Plumley and his family in our Great Baddow congregation.
*We rejoice with the Bothwell family for the birth of Miles. Please bless him.
*Please bless James Henderson with the message he has for us today. We ask all these things in your Son’s name.

Hymn 4 – Jesus is the Name we Honour
Hymn 5 – O Lord Your Tenderness

The Sermon was given by James Henderson and entitled Ready to go out. James and Shirley have recently been to visit their son and family in Canada.  The weather was well below freezing at that time. It was quite a long task to get two very young children dressed in warm clothing and shoes to go outside. Is that how we feel about society today? It’s cold outside, I don’t want to go out even to church. James goes to many coffee shops and sometimes has his open Bible on the table. Some people don’t like that but for others it is a time for them to talk about the Bible and their problems. Should we put on our shoes and go out? Yes, with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Ephesians 6:15. We must put
on the whole armour of God. Verses 13-18. We must not neglect our own personal prayer and study due to the distractions of modern life. Our relationship with God is part of our study. What makes us ready? God’s presence and our participation in it. We can read examples of human behaviour In the books of Joshua 9 and Job 23. Job knew that God was always with him and his foot held fast to His steps. Verse 11.  We know that we must walk where Jesus walks and remember our calling. John the Baptist witnessed to the One that was to come and said that he was not worthy even to loose the sandals of Jesus. Acts 13:25. Our witness is that Jesus is coming again. We should always try and be nice to the people we meet and smile. We are God’s workmanship and should walk in his ways. Ephesians 2:10. 2 Timothy 2:19-21. Awake each morning in God’s presence and put on your strength and your shoes ready for the gospel of peace and the return of Christ. Always remember “Your God Reigns”. Isaiah 52:versea 1 and 7.

The Final Hymn was To God be the Glory after which the Closing Prayer was given by Geoff Sole.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.


The biweekly Bible Study took place as usual in Bricket Wood, the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre upstairs room. You are welcome to join us in studying God’s Word in detail an for fellowship and refreshments afterwards. The next study will be Friday 21st February.

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